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How to prepare the house for the arrival of the baby

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When the birth of the baby approaches, there is a kind of "check list" that can make your life much easier if you prepare it in advance. It is true that in general we all suffer from the nest syndrome when the time approaches, but there are some other things that we do not usually take into account, until we see ourselves with the baby in our arms thinking "I should have done this before.. ."

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Do a deep clean

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you should not overexert yourself cleaning the house (even less so if you have any pathology that requires absolute or relative rest). If necessary, ask for help to get everything ready: disinfect the bathroom and kitchen, wash curtains, rugs, blankets and all the baby's clothes.

make room

Cómo preparar la casa para la llegada del bebé

Do you have the cabinets, the bookcase, the kitchen cabinets and the storage room up to the top? Well, you urgently need to make room because despite buying with your head, your house is going to be filled with baby things. Throw away or donate all those clothes that you no longer wear, throw away all those creams and makeup that you no longer use or that are out of date, and as far as possible, get rid of things that you have not used for years (because surely they no longer you'll make it). I assure you that with children, all the space you make will never be enough.

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prepare your room

Whether you are going to bed or not, it is necessary to prepare your room for the arrival of the baby. Once again, do a thorough cleaning, make room in the closet, buy a dim lamp and if you want to use a crib, have it ready at least fifteen days before the estimated date of delivery.

prepare your wardrobe

Postpartum is a roller coaster of emotions in which our body will play a fundamental role due to the changes that you will experience. Preparing the wardrobe consciously for this stage helps a lot to free us up a bit when we are living it.

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plan the menus

Prepare a calendar with the menu for at least one month, so that the purchase is planned and neither you nor your partner have to think about what to eat every day. As far as possible, prepare some tupperware to have coverage for at least the first week after delivery.

Prepare an armchair or a rocking chair

Keep in mind that you are going to spend many hours with your baby on your lap, so prepare a place where you are comfortable, be it your sofa, helped with some soft cushions, or a rocking chair. If you are going to breastfeed, it is advisable to also get a nursing pillow.

Prepare your pets

The arrival of a newborn completely changes the habits and routines of a family, and your pet will also have to adapt to the new situation. Experts insist on the importance of this adaptation being gradual and occurring during pregnancy, so that the animal does not associate a sudden change in its life with the arrival of the new member of the family.

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