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'Integrate, white woman', the Islamophobic poster created by a youtuber to attack Muslims

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"Assume that they have been invaded" or "we were not racist, they make us" are some of the messages with which an image of a poster in German that says "Integrate, white woman" has been shared in Spain. Although the image is accompanied by comments suggesting that it is a poster hung in Austria or Germany by Muslim people, it was an action by a German youtuber, who in his videos talks about "de-Islamizing Germany".

This video of an attack by immigrants on a carabinieri patrol car is not real: it is an image from a movie

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Also with the word "invasion", content without evidence has been spread that states that "Muslim Associations in Valencia" will ask for the cancellation of the Moors and Christians festivities. Content that links Muslims with immigration and that tries to make believe that Muslims are trying to impose their customs or religion.

The hoax of the "Intégrate, white woman" posters were distributed by a youtuber

"Integrate, white woman! Because it is no longer just your country and it will never be again. Dress respectfully for other cultures and take into account the religious sentiment of discriminated minorities. Daily racism begins with clothing" . This is the text of a poster that circulates in Spain on social networks with messages such as "Islamic radicalism feeling at ease in Europe" or "Integrate yourself as a white woman, not them in a country that is not yours."

They claim that the poster has been placed by immigrants or Muslims in Austria or Germany. But neither one nor the other: these are leaflets distributed by a youtuber who calls himself Shlomo Finkelstein and who speaks in his videos of "de-Islamizing Germany".

'Intégrate, mujer blanca', el cartel islamófobo creado por un youtuber para atacar a los musulmanes

This image, as can be seen through a reverse search, has been published since at least February on the "Shlomo Finkelstein" website managed by the youtuber who goes by the same name.

That same month, on February 11, a message on the portal's Telegram channel announces a "new poster campaign" that "is on the way." In this message he includes a video, published both on the website itself and on the Bitchute platform, where he advertises several posters, among which is the one that has now gone viral.

The youtuber asks in the video for the distribution of the poster and explains that his intention is to use it "to create a mood against Muslims", according to the German verification medium Corrective.

In this recording, according to the German media, the youtuber also says that "it was important to portray a white woman as a clear aggressor and Muslim immigrants as clear sympathizers" and be "at the same time subtle enough so that everything becomes realistic ".

There is no evidence that the Muslim associations in Valencia are going to ask the Valencian Government not to celebrate the "Moros y Cristianos" festivals

"They live off our taxes, they hate us, but they don't stop coming, it's an invasion" is one of the messages that accompany a content from the Twitter account 'El Puntual 24h' in which they assure that Muslim associations in Valencia will ask the Government Valencian that the traditional Moors and Christians festivities are not celebrated According to what they collect, staff from the associations had supposedly declared that these festivities "offend" them.

However, this content does not provide any evidence about this alleged request and Ihab Fahmi, president of the Union of Islamic Communities of Valencia assures Maldita.es that "there is no request" to prohibit the celebration of "Moors and Christians". In addition, he adds that the possibility of doing it has not been raised by the Islamic community either. From the Generalitat Valenciana they affirm that "there is no record of any formal request" requesting the cancellation of the festivities in the region.

But it is not the first time that this content has been spread. In 2019, several publications went viral that claimed that Podemos was going to ban the "Moros y Cristianos" parties so as "not to offend Islam." This content was published by websites such as Mediterráneo Digital or Alerta Digital without providing any evidence.

In addition, from Podemos they denied it and there was no proposal presented by the party that sought to ban these parties. Also a year earlier, in 2018, a publication on a "humorous" website was shared as real, stating that the Valencia City Council had banned the "Moros y Cristianos" festival out of "respect for Muslims". But it was, again, a hoax.

No, the Balearic Islands have not presented any measure on eliminating the Catholic religion to teach the Muslim

With each return to school the hoaxes return that claim that the Catholic religion is going to be eliminated from schools to teach the Muslim one. In recent days, messages such as "the Balearic social-communist government has proposed to suppress the teaching of the Catholic religion to offer Muslim religion" have been disseminated.

But it is a hoax that was spread again after the registration in the Parliament in July of the region of a Non-Legal Proposal (PNL) presented by the parties that make up the Government of the Balearic Islands in which they ask to eliminate the teaching of religions in public schools.

This petition does not coincide in time with the decision to teach Islamic religion classes in public schools in the Balearic Islands, which was signed by the Balearic Ministry of Education and the Islamic Commission of Spain in 2019.

According to a press release from the Balearic Government at that time, the teaching of this subject was scheduled to begin during the 2020/21 academic year and would be studied in a maximum number of 10 public centers in the region.

However, last 2020, as explained by the Ministry of Education, the plan could not be carried out due to the coronavirus pandemic and the proposal has been moved to 2021/2022. From the Ministry of Education of the Balearic Islands they affirm that it is a pilot project that, for the moment and even in the absence of a definitive specification, this course will be applied in "two or three centers" and with "two teachers".

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