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Pension for older adults, the fastest growing social program: it would double the budget for 2022 Coronavirus: what is 'incidental COVID' and what clues does it give us about the omicron wave

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The Pension program for older adults has doubled its budget so far this administration, since it began with 100 billion pesos in 2019 and by 2022, the Executive proposes to allocate 238 billion pesos, after the age to be a beneficiary set again at 65 years from this year.

This budget is almost three times more than what will be allocated to the National Institute of Health for Welfare (INSABI), which will have 77 thousand 503 million pesos to provide services and medicines to all citizens who request them.

The program that grants 3,100 pesos every two months to older adults is one of the priorities in the Expenditure Budget Project and of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who began with this strategy since he was head of the Government of Mexico City in 2003 .

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Although the program has also operated at the federal level, in the government of Enrique Peña Nieto it was also established that the age to be a beneficiary was from 65 years, but with the limitation of not delivering it to retirees or pensioners who already received a pension. greater than one thousand 92 pesos per month.

But this six-year term, the program has no restrictions, since the only requirement is age, according to the operating rules.

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For 2022, the Executive proposes to keep the programs under the same rules of operation and continue with similar budgets in most of them for next year.

The Welfare Secretariat will have a budget of 296 thousand 858 million pesos for 2022, according to the Expenditure Budget Project delivered this Wednesday to the Chamber of Deputies.

Another program with an increase is Fertilizers, which will have 2.5 billion pesos by 2022, while this year it operated with 1.912 billion pesos, which means an increase of 26% in real terms. With this, "the

food self-sufficiency, the reconstruction of the social fabric and generate productive inclusion”, establishes the document.

With which it intends to support 620 thousand hectares in the states of Guerrero, Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala for the benefit of more than 400 thousand small-scale producers of priority crops.

The scholarship for people with disabilities will have an increase of 5%, since a budget of 18 thousand 037 million pesos is foreseen. And this time, in addition to the delivery of 1,350 pesos per month, it will also provide "support in kind so that people with permanent disabilities from 0 to 17 years of age can access rehabilitation services in institutions authorized by the Ministry of Welfare."

Sembrando Vida will have 29 thousand 446 million pesos, a decrease of 1.5% compared to 2021. The beneficiaries receive 5 thousand pesos per month, as well as in-kind support for agroforestry production (plants, supplies, tools) and technical support for the implementation of agroforestry systems.

However, the World Resources Institute (WRI) carried out the "Analysis of the impacts on forest cover and mitigation potential of the plots of the Sembrando Vida program implemented in 2019" and concluded that the program is linked to the loss of 72 thousand hectares of forest, despite the fact that one of the objectives of the program is reforestation.

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With these programs, "well-being, development, inclusion and social cohesion in the country will be strengthened, to combat poverty and marginalization, considering at all times the well-being of the population and human development, promoting a better level of life for all, with emphasis on the most vulnerable and in conditions of backwardness and marginalization; especially, to the indigenous peoples of Mexico”, according to the explanatory statement of the proposed budget.

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