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Kimberly-Clark and UNICEF promote the importance of skin-to-skin contact for premature babies in Latin America.

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Buenos Aires, November 12, 2021-Kimberly-Clark launches a new stage of its programto skin for premature babies.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 15 million babies are born prematurely and 1 million die from complications associated with prematurity.More than 75% of these deaths could be avoided through practices such as "Kangaroo mother", which stimulates skin -to -skin contact of newborns with their mothers and fathers and favors breastfeeding.Skin by skin hugs can also reduce the risk of hypothermia and in 65% infections, and improve the quality of newborns's sleep.

However, COVID-19 pandemic called this type of practices in question. Según un estudioa escala mundial[1] dos de cada tres trabajadores de la salud limitaron el contacto piel a piel entre las mamás y sus bebés, y el 25% desaconsejó la lactancia materna cuando existen riesgos de COVID-19.

For this reason, Kimberly-Clark, through its Huggies® brand, reinforces their support for UNICEF's ECDs so that all families receive support and information they need during this fundamental moment of the life of the little ones.

“The main cause of infant mortality in children under five years continues to be prematurity.As a company we have the mission of spreading the importance of the care that children need, as well as promoting adequate attention to have the possibility of surviving and prospering, ”said Gonzalo Uribe, president of Kimberly-Clark Latin America.

Kimberly-Clark y UNICEF promueven la importancia del contacto piel a piel para los bebés prematuros en Latinoamérica.

The “A hug for each baby” by Kimberly-Clark in support of UNICEF is active in Latin America since 2019.Among its purposes are to contribute to the strengthening of health systems in different countries, and create a friendly environment for babies;allowing mothers and newborns to access essential health services, education and support services.It also seeks to strengthen the ability of health professionals in hospitals, so that they can provide quality care to mothers and babies.From the beginning of the alliance, more than 2.751.862 people were benefited in the region through the direct actions of UNICEF in the most vulnerable communities.

This alliance is part of Kimberly-Clark's concern for the care and healthy growth of the little ones.Therefore, we propose more conscious hugs, so that fathers and mothers know the true effects that their love can cause in babies and children, and so that, with their love, they can grow in optimal conditions.

[1] Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the Small and Sick Newborn Care: 'Small and sick newborn care during the COVID-19 pandemic: global survey and thematic analysis of healthcare providers’ voices and experiences’ (BMJ Global Health, March 2021)

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UNICEF works in some of the most difficult places to reach the most disadvantaged children in the world.To save their lives.To defend their rights.To help them achieve their maximum potential.In 190 countries and territories, we worked for each child, everywhere, every day, to build a better world for everyone.And we never surrendered.For more information about UNICEF and your work, visit www.UNICEF.Org/Lac.

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