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Woman causes astonishment on Twitter by revealing that he gave birth to a baby of more than 13 pounds

By hollisterclothingoutlet 26/07/2022 721 Views

Giving birth is undoubtedly a brave and titanic work that women who decide to become mothers must experience in order to bring their children to this world.

The labor is not something mechanical and therefore, it does not appear the same in all women, because they will depend on different factors to make it more or less bearable, including the dimensions of babies.

On the subject, a Twitter user identified as @Shans1588 has left thousands of users of this community impacted by telling how he managed to give birth to “a small child”.

Of course, the term used it sarcastically, since its baby weighed more than 13 pounds at birth and measured 23.6 inches, a fairly large newborn compared to the average since generally, a baby is born of no more than 8,8 pounds.

Mujer causa asombro en Twitter al revelar que dio a luz a un bebé de más de 13 libras

It was originally a Tiktok @tawnee user, who on his social network asked other mothers to share their experience regarding having had big babies in their social networks.

But it was precisely @Shans1588 who ended up monopolizing all the attention because his video has more than 30 million views.

The companion Tikttoker @tawnee asked other mothers to share their stories of having big babies when @ Shans1588 stole the show.

In addition, the woman added that it was her second child and that she gave birth at 38 weeks by caesarean section and that given the baby's dimensions, two doctors in surgery had to intervene.Also, because of the situation, the baby had to spend a few days in the intensive care unit.

"They didn't even have diapers or clothes for him, they had to get on pediatrics to get diapers of size 3 and he came home with clothes, from 6 to 9 months," said the mother.

The largest baby record that was born was held by a small born in 1955, in Aversa, Italy, which weighed 22 pounds, according to the Guinness record.

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