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Meadow Walker, the daughter of the late Paul Walker debuts as a model: this is her new life before the cameras

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Probably one of the most complicated days in Meadow Walker's life was November 30, 2013.Just at food time, his father, Paul Walker suffered a car accident that ended his life.Meadow, who was 15 years old at that time, saw how all his world collapsed, since, despite the difficult separation of his parents, he had always had a very special relationship with Paul, who always worried that the little girl attendedTo the best schools and to give the best possible education.

In addition, the actor, who was in one of the most important moments of his career, always prioritized his daughter: he took her to the filming and shared confidences with the interpreter Vin Diesel, great friend of the family.Walker's mother, on many occasions, said that Vin was like "the other half" of her daughter.Now, Meadow is already 22 years old and it seems that he is very clear about how his future wants to be: in front of the cameras or climb to a catwalk.

Meadow has become the image of a well -known brand

Following the steps of other daughters of artists, such as Eve Jobs or Iris Law, Meadow has decided to pose before the cameras for a well -known brand.In addition, the young woman is very proud of her work, being the face of the well-known Proenza Schouler firm for her lookbook of the Pre-Fall 2021 collection.In the campaign, Meadow has been photographed by Daniel P.Shea and shares an advertisement with Abby Champion, Achenrin Madit, Effie Steinberg and Ellen Rosa.

Meadow Walker, la hija del fallecido Paul Walker debuta como modelo: así es su nueva vida ante las cámaras

After the publication of the campaign, the young woman has received an infinity of compliments from her new classmates and, also, by her father's fans.Meadow was born from Paul's brief relationship with Rebecca McBrain.The young woman lived in Hawaii with her mother thirteen the first years of life, but then moved to California to Paul's mansion, in 2011, when the actor got complete custody.Thus, Paul showed that he was very overturned in his facet as a father, reaching several jobs to be with Meadow.

His struggle to clarify the accident that ended his father's life

It was November 30, 2013 when Paul went with a friend in his Porsche Carrera.The vehicle left the road and wrapped in flames within a few minutes.Neither the actor nor his partner could survive the wounds.In September 2015, Meadow filed a lawsuit against Porsche for his father's "unfair" death, claiming that sports where they were traveling had numerous design defects.The young woman was convinced that her father had lost her life due to the bad design of the car that Paul's friend was driving.

After Paul's death, Vin Diesel became the legal tutor of Meadow

After death Paul Walker, actor Vin Diesel became the legal tutor of Meadow.Both actors maintained a great relationship and, therefore, Vin stayed in the care of the young woman when Paul died.In addition, the actor had a daughter, in 2015, whom he called Pauline, in honor of his great friend.The truth is that the relationship of the Diesel family with Meadow has always been great and the young woman only has words of thanks for them.In addition, Vin has always shown how proud his friend's daughter.

The Paul Walker Foundation

Meadow belongs to one of the most prestigious models agencies in the world, DNA Models.This is a company in which we find names like Kaia Gerber or Naomi Campbell.In addition, the young woman wanted to continue with her father's legacy and, therefore, created a foundation that bears her name;Paul Walker Foundation.Its main objective is to do good and is focused on animal care and, above all, on the protection of oceans.

Also, in recent times he has committed to the toilets and food banks to help with the ravages that the coronavirus has meant.It is Meadow herself who manages the foundation and the 25 million dollars left her father when she died.


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