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Newborn Support Program: Know what the trousseau includes for your baby

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El Programa de Apoyo al Recién Nacido es uno de los beneficios que tiene el Estado para las personas que se convertirán en madres.Programa de Apoyo al Recién Nacido: Conoce qué incluye el ajuar para tu bebé Programa de Apoyo al Recién Nacido: Conoce qué incluye el ajuar para tu bebé

The program delivers a set of implements (trousseau) to support the birth of the baby, which contains essential implements such as a corral cradle, hygiene products, mute, clothing, among other items.

This trousseau is received by all the children born in hospitals of the Public Health Network (including delegates), regardless of whether their father or mother is affiliated with Fonasa or Isapre.

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In case it is a multiple birth, each boy and girl will obtain their corresponding trousseau.

Programa de Apoyo al Recién Nacido: Conoce qué incluye el ajuar para tu bebé

It should be noted that the newborn support program starts in prenatal workshops and health controls, where the future mother will receive information about the trousseau, education about its early use and parenting.

What includes the trousseau?

The set of basic implements of the newborn consists of two packages: the good sleep package and the welfare, attachment and stimulation package.

The good sleep package contemplates the delivery of:

On the other hand, the welfare, attachment and stimulation package contains:

What requirements should I meet?

To receive this trousseau, the only requirement is to be born in a hospital in the public health network, and is delivered independent of the pension condition of his mother or dad (Isapre or Fonasa) and the mother's hospitalization room (including pensioner).

The delivery of the set will be made in the hospital without any prior procedure, rather than the reception firm in accordance with a registration.

The trousseau is delivered in hospitals at the time of the registration of the newborn, by a professional or technical of the health team.

The high card is generally requested to verify that the birth was in the corresponding health establishment.

This benefit can be removed until six months of age from the child, and if any of the implements are damaged, the full set to the hospital where the baby was born to ask for the change, since it has a guarantee of sixmonths.

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