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News Carla Barber prepares a wide and valuable gift list to buy your baby

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A Carla Barber todavía le quedan casi cuatro meses para dar a luz a su primer hijo, ya que, según ha revelado ella misma a través de sus redes sociales, la fecha prevista para el nacimiento del pequeño es el próximo 3 de mayo. Aún hay tiempo, pero parece que la doctora se niega a que le pille el toro o que algún tipo de imprevisto le juegue una mala pasada y que su bebé no tenga todo lo que necesita en el momento de su nacimiento.Actualidad Carla Barber prepara una amplia y valiosa lista de regalos para comprar a su bebé Actualidad Carla Barber prepara una amplia y valiosa lista de regalos para comprar a su bebé

This is why the Canarian has already entered the wonderful, although frustrating stage of the preparations.He already knows that he is a child and, as he has recognized in recent weeks, he knows what he will call him, although at the moment he only wanted to announce the initial of the name of his offspring that, in this case, corresponds to the "B ".With all this information, you can start buying and preparing everything when you need.And Carla does not want her baby to lack anything, hence, as confirmed by the Socialité program, she has developed an extensive list that reaches the attractive figure of the 6.500 euros, information that proves that Diego Matamoros' ex -partner refuses to spare about expenses when buying things from his baby.

The good wants the best and, although for now she has preferred not to rule before such news that has already caused a sensation in much of the media, several of the most tops products that make up the endless listing are already known.

Actualidad Carla Barber prepara una amplia y valiosa lista de regalos para comprar a su bebé

The most expensive article corresponds to an intelligent crib that has a relaxation system for the baby.Its price? 1.375 euros.And although its child will have the best for rest, the Canarian seems to have also infatuated a 330 euros Moses and a cradle for when the newborn wants to sleep with her parents.This amounts to 80 euros, a more affordable price if we compare it with an intelligent crib.

The first thing that a woman usually buy when she knows she is pregnant is the baby's cart.There are different brands, sizes, colors and shapes, but, as expected, Carla Barber has been sure, what brings together three fundamental requirements: well, beautiful and light.The aesthetic surgeon has opted for a cart with a 1.299 euros, which has complemented a thermal protector of 180 euros, a thermal bag of 120 euros and a bag to save the baby's things, valued at 140 euros.

If something is clear is that it will try to make its maternal experience as comfortable as possible, hence he has also opted for a very comfortable car for the car that ranges from 750 euros, in addition to the brand he is treated, byThe degree of security offered by the same.

Once everything necessary for rest and transportation was contemplated, Carla thought of artifacts for the time of the game.That is why he put his eye on an automatic rolling hammock of 299 euros and in a toy with which to entertain himself that touches 50 euros.

When eating, a child also needs certain gadgets that do the easiest task both to him and his parents.As a predictive woman she is, Carla Barber has already thought of the moment her baby passes from the chest or bottle to the porridge and solid food, which is why she has already added a trona of 365 euros to her list.

Finally he wanted to focus on the room, a fourth decorated to his liking that will furnish with a dresser changing machine of 470 euros and with a 315 -euro bathroom furniture.Nor will the cradle sets, a first set set, the pacifiers, the bites, the blankets and the clothes, accessories that will keep in the fabulous bag of 85 euros that you have selected to take to the hospital.

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