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Metro CTC puppets will help deliver girls and boys to the Magi

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The Metro has the best messengers to send the letters of girls and boys to the Magi.This is the 25 dogs rescued from risk areas in the Metro, who receive temporary care and refuge at the Canine Transfer Center (CTC) of the Metro.

For the third consecutive year, the CTC dogs have the arduous and powerful mission of sending the children's cards to Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, which were received via email: canesmagos@gmail.com, in order to avoid the use of balloons that affect and contaminate the environment.

The missives show the love and care that children yearn for puppies who have no home;Good wishes for kings and greetings to their loved ones who had to start from this world;as well as messages in which they ask for health and call each other respect each other.

“Hello dear wise men my name is Santi and I write to them to ask them a lotMommy reads them, and some coloring books with crayolas, I promise to continue carrying myself well.I love them! ”, Read on one of the emails received.

Meanwhile, little Lía wrote: “Dear magician dogs (…), I know that I have not behaved very well, what I want to ask them is that they take great care of the street puppies and those who have owners who mistreat them,And that they take great care to my family (...), I want to ask the kings to greet my grandmother to go to heaven and if they could some online skates, Porfis ".

Perritos del CTC del Metro ayudarán a entregar las cartas de niñas y niños a los Reyes Magos

This 2022, I fear, a Creole race, rescued last September at the roads of the Cuauhtémoc station, of Line 1 is the executive director of the CTC, who has the honor and responsibility of sending the letters to the Magi to the Magi, next to the rest of the Lomitos of the Metro CTC: Tepo, Tenca, Juan, Potra, King, Magón, Paz-Cual, Zara, Ta -za, Villano, Vally, Cuco, River, Pepe, Nezi, Estrellita, Cholo, maybe, Bay, Sacred, Lita, Martha and Nezito.

The CDMX Metro Canine Transfer Center is a temporary shelter, unique in its kind in the world and its work is part of the Animal Welfare Law of Mexico City.

The Metro permanently promotes the adoption and responsible care of the dogs, so the permanent slogan, especially on these dates is not compres, adopts!

The dogs for adoption can be visited directly at the CTC, located in Avenida de las Culturas s/n Colonia El Rosario, Mayor's Office Azcapotzalco (in front of the station of the Metrobús College of Bachelors 1, of line 6), with a scheduleAttention from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..

Likewise, people who wish to make donations for care and stay of dogs can do it directly in the CTC, what is required are articles for veterinary care and healing for dogs that result with injuries;as well as clothes, blankets, coats, straps, toys, soaps and harnesses, among others.

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