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Offers to wash hand clothes to buy cake from your child

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A mother does everything for her children and this sweet story is proof of that.Offers to wash clothes by hand to buy cake for his son Offers to wash clothes by hand to buy cake for her son

In a Facebook group, a mother from Hermosillo, Sonora offered to wash other people's clothes in order to raise money to buy her son a cake for his birthday.

"I offer laundry by hand so that I can collect and buy a cake for my child who is about to turn five years old and wants a strawberry shortcake. Be careful, it is washed by hand, not in a washing machine," the woman wrote.

Offer to wash clothes by hand to buy cake to his son

The post quickly went viral and many users decided to 'join' the celebration.

Some asked for their service and others offered to buy soft drinks, send out the invitations and even a table of sweets for the party.

"I'll give you the snack table or something for lunch," commented a Facebook user.

This type of action restores our faith in humanity and makes us smile enormously.

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