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Positions to burp your baby (the pat on the back is not the only thing)

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Published 9 Aug 2021 – 02:25 PM EDT | Updated 9 Aug 2021 – 02:25 PM EDT
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Babies need to burp more often than older children. If you notice that your little one is irritated and restless after eating, it is very likely that he needs your help to expel gas.

Experts at Nemours KidsHealth point out that repeated, gentle pats on the back after a meal can help your baby burp. But as you might expect, little ones can fall asleep right after drinking their milk, so some burping techniques need to be applied even when asleep, to avoid waking up with pain or discomfort from trapped gas.

Before practicing any of the following positions shared on the Gestar con Amor channel, remember to have a small towel nearby to avoid dirtying your clothes, since it is common for your baby to return a little milk.

#1 on your legs

Sit your baby on your lap. Support her chest and head with one hand, and rest her chin on your palm (be very careful to grab her chin and not her throat).

Posiciones para hacer que tu bebé eructe (la palmadita en la espalda no es lo único)

With the other hand rub his back for no more than 10 minutes, remember that he does not always have gas.

#2 On your arm

Hold him by the crotch and place him on your forearm, gently patting him on the back; The best thing about this position is that you can walk while helping your baby burp.

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#3 On your chest

This is the classic position for burping your baby. Whether standing or sitting, place the little one on your chest with his chin on your shoulder and lightly pat him for no more than 10 minutes.

The following video exemplifies the above techniques and provides a brief explanation of the gases that your baby may present.

Remember that each baby is different and not everyone will feel comfortable with the same position, try them all until you find the right one.

Causes of gases

Babies can swallow air if they don't latch on to the breast properly or hold the bottle well. They can also 'pass' air by crying a lot or trying new foods, experts at Medical News Today explain:

"Babies' bodies are learning to digest food, so they tend to be more gassy than adults."

So don't be alarmed if your baby has gas, her body is getting ready to be more tolerant with feeding, but for now she needs a little help.

Do babies always burp?

In Healthline they explain that your baby does not always need to burp, sometimes he wakes up irritated at night because he requires a diaper change or because he is hungry:

"Sometimes babies don't need to burp as much at night because they eat more slowly and don't get as much air while they feed."

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