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Premature babies: life ahead of time

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Premature delivery is one of the most important problems of perinatal medicine, according to the Som Prematurs association.Many of these births are produced due to inexplicable causes, however "there are situations in which the risk can be detected and adopt prevention measures.These measures will not allow us to get to term, just gain time, but, in certain phases of pregnancy, a few days are very important ".

Gestation weeks

A premature baby is the one born before 37 weeks of gestation.These newborns are divided into subcategories depending on the gestational age: late moderate (between 32 and 37 weeks), very premature (between week 28 and 32) and extreme premature (before week 28).

According to data from the World Health Organization, there are approximately 15 million premature children every year, of which more than one million dies before they turn five years.Complications related to prematurity are the main cause of death in children under five years.

Bebés prematuros: la vida antes de tiempo

On the other hand, many of the newborns develop pathologies such as cognitive delay and loss of vision or hearing, among other complications, and must make periodic reviews up to six years with different professionals.

During pandemia

Pandemia changed visits to patients admitted to hospitals, and this also included neonates.Therefore, from Som Prematurs they have launched the ‘Zero Separation campaign.Together for better care ’for hospitals to let the two parents enter at the same time and at all times.

"It is a necessity for premature babies to recover normality and our goal for 2022 is that fathers and mothers can be together and in unlimited contact with premature children admitted to hospitals," the president of Som Pre that Pre that Pre that, Elisabet Farga.

Care for parents

Premature babies can spend months in the incubator.Apart from the care of newborns, the care of fathers and mothers is also important.For this reason, it is essential.

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