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From ghost to skeleton: Halloween costume ideas for your children that you can do at home

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Surely your children are already excited thinking about the next Halloween and the costume they will carry.To celebrate the most terrifying night of the year in style you can choose to make the costumes at home yourself, and surely your kids will be happy to help you in the task.These costumes that we bring you here are infallible and the simplest to do for this fun party.You'll see how it is not necessary to be old so that your children have an unforgettable Halloween costume.


Un sencillo disfraz de fantasma. FUENTE: PexelsDivinity.es

We start with the basic level, but with a sensational result.Go disguised as ghost is always a success, and you only need a white sheet and scissors.If you also have a black marker, you can paint a mouth or eye contour.To make the costume even better, do not forget to dress your child completely white or black.

Disfraz de fantasma para bebé. FUENTE:Bombshell Blingdivinity.es

For the little.With the same sheet make a poncho that raises the head exposed, and paints the mouth and eyes of the ghost on her.


Disfraz deFrankenstein. FUENTE: Zygote Brown Designsdivinity.es

De fantasma a esqueleto: ideas de disfraces de Halloween para tus hijos que podrás hacer en casa

This is one of the most original costumes, and to get it you need a cardboard box and materials as simple as black cardboard or markers.You can make a simple version ofFrankenstein's face and accompany it with the right clothes, or order the mold they offer in Zygote Brown Designs, with which to achieve a more professional finish.Sure your children hallucinate with this costume.


Disfraces de momia. FUENTE: Pexelsdivinity.es

This Halloween classic cannot be missing in the list.It is easy to do as few, it is phenomenal, and you have several options depending on how you want to be or the materials you have.For the most authentic version, the ideal is for your kids to dress with black clothes and atten them white strips of fabric that you can get from an old sheet.If you want them to look aged, you can submerge the fabric in tea or diluted coffee.

You can also get a good effect covering clothes with gauze, and if it is a last -minute costume, do not hesitate to resort to toilet paper rolls.

4.Spider with your fabric

Disfraz de telaraña con araña. FUENTE:Pretty Plain Janesdivinity.es

We have fallen in love with this proposal of Pretty Plain Janes costume, which consists of a scratch with its own web.On your website you will find the pattern to cut the white layer made with felt.Then you just need black thread to sew the stripes and plastic spiders.In order for the result to be impeccable, clothes below must be black, and as a final detail you can put scratches in your hair.

If you want the result to be more Creepy, you just have to change the white felt for a black one, and the black thread for a white one.


Disfraz de esqueleto. FUENTE: And We Playdivinity.es

Skeletons dance everywhere on Halloween night, and making this costume is super simple.In and We Play they propose an easy and cheap option, with which only adhesive white tape is needed to glue on a black pajamas (or meshes and a shirt).If you want, you can look for adhesive tape that also shines in the dark.And if you prefer a more durable finish, you can trim the bones on a white fabric and sew them into clothes.



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