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Quarantine: bring out the artist in you with these crafts for the whole family

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Taking a moment of the day is essential for this quarantine. Even if we have to work, take care of children, take care of relatives, keep the house tidy or a host of other tasks, finding a space for oneself should be one more obligation. Cuarentena: saca al artista que llevas dentro con estas manualidades para toda la familia Cuarentena: saca al artista que llevas dentro con estas manualidades para toda la familia

Take a bubble bath, take care of our skin, read, go out on the balcony, etc. They are activities that connect us with ourselves on days like these and help us find the good in confinement.

In addition, we can also find a gap to learn those craft skills or techniques that we can never spend time on. Knitting, carving blocks of wood and decorating objects with paint, for example, require dedication and patience that we rarely have on a day-to-day basis.

Doing crafts is also a relaxing activity and, precisely for this reason, very suitable for these days of unusual isolation. Large and small we can take care to work with our hands thanks to many kits that the market offers.

There is a craft for almost every human being, so it is difficult not to find one that manages to attract our concentration and forget, for a while, the exceptional situation that Spain is experiencing due to the coronavirus. In addition, the works created during this seclusion may be our particular way of documenting it. Here we go!


We show a wood burning kit with 30 tips of different shapes. You will be able to shape your designs thanks to the ceramic technology that it incorporates. They heat up in just 45 seconds, so you won't have to waste time. However, the temperature can be adjusted according to your needs: it ranges between 200-450 degrees.

Its tips have a longer useful life than common iron and are also used for cork, leather, paper, candles...

You can buy it here for 20.99 euros.

very varied

Mister Maker offers this kit full of colored pipe scratchers, glitter, tissue paper, cardboard, eyes, sticks, Eva shapes, pompoms, etc., perfect for keeping the little ones entertained for many days. Some of the pieces of it are small, so it is not suitable for children under three years.

You can buy it here for 16.28 euros.

slime always fun

This box includes 24 different colors of slime, 48 bottles of glitter, dry clay of six colors, 10 small animal figures, three pieces of tools, colorful foam... There is no child who does not have fun with this substance, although some adults give them a certain grim. This kit has over 1,500 reviews and most buyers have given it 5 stars! With the decorations it incorporates, the slime takes on a different look every time.

Unlike others that incorporate products to make it, in this kit the slime is already made, straight to play! For the same reason, when it is no longer being used, it must be stored in the accompanying jars so that it does not dry out.

Cuarentena: saca al artista que llevas dentro con estas manualidades para toda la familia

It does not contain toxic, although children under six years of age must play accompanied by an adult.

You can buy it here for 23.99 euros.

scraping technique

This technique consists of scratching the black surface of the paper to make way for the underlying colors. In this case, it is about the tones of the rainbow, with which young and old can make their creations.

It helps to maintain concentration and the pack provides 50 cards measuring 26x18.5 centimeters. It also includes five wooden styluses and four rulers that are a template for copying icons. Also, carry a pencil sharpener.

It is ideal to use on birthdays, in children's workshops... but since that is not possible now, with the whole day at home, surely 50 cards will provide entertainment for the whole family.

They can be purchased here for 15.99 euros.

glue gun

No self-respecting handyman lacks this extremely useful tool. Our proposal, which is the best seller on Amazon, includes 50 glue sticks. The operation is safe and very simple. The bar is inserted into the gun, plugged in and, in three or four minutes, it heats up and melts. So we can use it as glue. When you try it, you will never paste anything else again!

It has a power of 20W and has a safety fuse to prevent it from overheating. However, young children should not handle it without adult supervision. It works for wood, plastic, glass, metal, stone, ceramic, brick, paper, wicker, cotton, cloth and other materials.

It is so cheap that you can buy several if you are more of a handyman at home.

You can buy it here for 8.49 euros.


Just a generation ago, weaving was a widespread practice. Our grandmothers made sweaters, vests, rugs, bags, cardigans... Most of the time it was not a distraction, but rather a way of collaborating with the domestic economy.

Now, the products made with the hands fulfill the function of entertaining us, above all, and the point has returned with force.

Knit Pro proposes this kit with double pointed needles of 20 centimeters. They are very pleasant to hold and as they are made of aluminum they are very light. Coming in a case, you can always have them in order.

You can buy a kit here for 28.95 euros.

scissors, never miss

If we propose a family activity for these days at home, there is nothing more irritating than having to wait a turn to cut some material. This does not mean that everything must be done instantly, but if the use of scissors takes several minutes, the craft slows down if several people work at the same time.

That's why this kit of 10 scissors is very useful. They are placed in a practical support to always have them locatable and are made of plastic and stainless steel. They measure 15.5 centimeters and are great for cutting paper, cardboard, rubber and felt without problems.

When the seclusion is over, they will also serve you for birthdays and workshops.

You can buy them for 12.95 here.

acrylic paint 'rotus'

They will help you create fun and colorful crafts. They are used to paint on stones, which will be beautiful, but if you don't have any right now at home, you can also use them to personalize glass, coffee cups, wood, windows, fabrics, plastics, ceramics, gift boxes, clothes...

They have a double tip: the round one, to color, and on the other side, another flatter one to achieve precision. This pack contains 12 colors, although it is available with more units.

It is used by pressing the tip at first until the paint soaks through it. At that time, you can already paint perfectly. This product has a very positive rating: 4.6 out of 5 with more than 500 opinions!

Buy them here for 18.99 euros.


This carving kit is suitable for adult crafts because it contains sharp tools necessary for carving. Specifically, it contains three accessories to achieve different effects in the 12 blocks it incorporates. Surely you will get beautiful figurines from them.

Includes a leather sheath and a polishing paste. The hooks have an ergonomic handle to fit well in the hand and not slip away. The blades are made of steel and are arranged so that they do not have to be sharpened frequently.

You can buy the kit for 20.99 euros here.

like a roman

Have you ever felt like, when you see a mosaic, to try to reproduce it? If the answer is "yes", this kit will make you a true Roman, expert in the use of this very decorative technique. This mosaic that we show symbolizes life, prosperity, fertility and abundance, who gives more?

The figure it represents is a mandala and to create it, the kit includes Italian marble tiles, a wooden template with a frame and marked guidelines to make it easier to follow the drawing. So you don't get lost, it also includes the image of the finished mosaic, instructions and a hook.

Will you be able to finish it? Sure!

Buy it here for 54.90 euros.

everyone to color

For years, coloring mandalas and other figures has been in fashion. Filling in different shades, being careful not to overdo it, with care in the strokes, is a relaxing activity that evades us from daily problems. The best thing about it is that it is also suitable for all ages and, in fact, helps many children to maintain concentration and calm.

This pack includes three books with 120 illustrations. They have different levels, from beginner to expert, so it is valid for all audiences. They also have an important added value: they have quality paper, which avoids the hassle of transferring it when we use markers, for example.

Among his designs, there are mandalas, animals... There are those who, with 15 minutes a day, manage to release all stress. Try it and share the experience of many other buyers.

You can buy it here for 22.97 euros.

with paper

Origami is a type of origami that, among other characteristics, does not allow paper to be cut. It is of Japanese origin and its relaxing value will de-stress you from these days at home.

This kit is valid for ages eight and up, so it can be an activity to share with the family. Includes paper, beads, feathers, googly eyes, and other embellishments, plus string, scissors, and glue. Very complete!

Includes step-by-step photo instructions and 100 sheets of assorted paper. Almost 1,000 users have given it a rating of 4.6 out of 5. What are you waiting for?

You can buy it here for 16.44 euros.

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