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The best toy deals on Amazon during Black Friday

By hollisterclothingoutlet 27/03/2023 982 Views
>Black Friday to purchase some toys at a small discount. We have selected some toys and games for different types of ages with the most interesting sales that you can already find on the Amazon platform.Amazon's Best Black Friday Toy Deals Amazon's Best Black Friday Toy Deals

During this week and until November 29, you can take advantage of Amazon offers and get numerous discounted items. Check them out!

Ball swallower

A fun game for the whole family. This classic game will be won by whoever manages to feed their hippopotamus with the most balls. Recommended for ages 4 and up as it contains small parts. Now you can buy it with a 46% discount. Buy on Amazon

Barbie Doll clothes closet with 25 fashion accessories

Kids will love changing Barbie's clothes thanks to the amazing Barbie wardrobe with a rotating coat rack and more than 10 storage areas to store the 25 clothes and accessories that it comes with. It also has a custom desk. Now you can get it with a 30% discount. Buy on Amazon

Hot Wheels City Scorpion

The best toy deals on Amazon during Black Friday

Monster Truck fans and Hot Wheels aficionados alike will go crazy for this set featuring the scorpion enemy. Kids can loop their Hot Wheels cars around the scorpion's tail or hit it directly with their Monster Truck as a strategy to knock it down. Boys and girls from 3 years old will enjoy playing with their cars. Buy on Amazon

KidKraft Camila Wooden dollhouse

With this spectacular wooden house your children will be able to play with dolls up to 30 cm. It is 1.23 centimeters high and is very complete, with bright colors and a transparent roof that will delight children. It even has an elevator! In addition, it also has 4 floors, 8 rooms and a roof terrace. In addition, it contains 30 pieces of furniture and accessories, some of them with light and sound. You can get it during the week of Black Friday with a 24% discount. Buy on Amazon.

Nerf Ultra One

With this Nerf gun, the darts thrown can reach up to 36 meters away. The pistol includes a drum with a capacity of up to 25 darts. The darts feature aerofin technology and lightweight Nerf Ultra foam. You can buy this pistol with a 24% discount. Buy on Amazon

Play-Doh Toy Rex the gluttonous Dino

The little ones will also be able to enjoy fun toys like this Rex with curious sounds and a moving jaw. This gluttonous Rex will eat all the clay and you can see it through its transparent belly. It comes with 3 dinosaur eggs with 70 grams of Play-Doh compound. You can get it now with a 17% discount on Amazon.

Mega Bloks Classic bag with 60 blocks

Construction toys for children between 1 and 5 years old. With large colored pieces, it helps them stimulate manual play and early childhood development. You can buy it on Amazon.

Pinypon Action- Pirate Island of Captain Cayman

Captain Alligator's Pirate Island has everything you need for a thousand adventures. Children will be able to live an authentic pirate adventure defending the treasure hidden in the alligator's cave. You can already get the pirate island with a 51% discount on Amazon.

Fisher-Price Gym Piano Kicks

With this small gym your baby will begin to develop their movements. with stimulation to be in 4 positions as the baby grows from face down, face up, sitting and you can even take the piano for a walk. It also has 5 toys such as a mirror, a biting elephant, a panda that creaks, a lion rattle and a little monkey with saucers. The blanket can be washed and also has an arch to hang toys. You can get it now with 40% discount. Buy on Amazon.

*Discounts are active on the day of publication. It may undergo some variations.

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