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'The Dingo ate my baby': the case of the most hated woman in Australia

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–A Dingo has taken my baby!, she shouted desperately.The campers looked for her throughout the night and the police tracked the park, the only thing that appeared was a small bloody jacket that according to the Chamberlain Azaria was wearing that night.

As usual in cases of disappearance of minors, the police focused their inquiries on family members.Lindy became the main suspect.She had been the last one who had seen Azaria and that of the dnyo sounded auctionally bad.Since when did the dingos attacked people?

The Dingo is similar to a medium -sized dog, with a tip snout, erect ears and orange mantle;It is carnivore and usually feeds on the usual fauna of the area such as kangaroos, tsigüeas or wombats.But human babies?There was no antecedent and, of course, what least wanted to local authorities was to create the image of the Dyngo as a wild predator;The dingos widow their wide through the national parks and that was not a good advertising.Does anyone remember shark?

The image that Lindy projected either did, it was not adjusted to what the media expected.It was too serious, too cold, he remembered too many details, why did he remember so many details of such a traumatic event?She had disappeared in the desert, she was surely dead, why did she appear before the cameras so well dressed?How a woman who has just lost her nine -week baby has time to comb?Did they know that one day he had dressed his black daughter?What kind of mother did you see a little baby in black?Someone has anonymously declared that Azaria means "sacrificed in the desert".What the hell did they do with a baby in such a remote place?In such a remote place that is casually a sacred place.A moment, was that a smile?Why did he not behave like a woman who just lost her baby?Because everyone in Australia, from Melbourne to Timor's sea, knows how a woman who has just lost her baby behaves.Everyone around the world knows how a woman who has just lost her baby behaves.Does anyone remember McCann?.At the most painful moment of his life, Lindy Chamberlain undervalued a very important detail, his feelings did not matter, reality did not matter, what really mattered were his appearance and the public's perception.Because the Azaria case had already become a circus.

'El dingo se comió a mi bebé': el caso de la mujer más odiada de Australia

Police, anxious to close the investigation, - No one wants to deal with a missing baby - he took out the Ockham knife: "The simplest explanation is usually the most likely"."It is usually" the keyword.

And what was the simplest explanation?That Lindy Chamberlain had killed and buried her daughter in the park.A microscopic drop of blood found in the Chamberlain car added more firewood to the pyre.Now there was a stage.Lindy had murdered her daughter in the car, probably slaughtering her, and then it had been undone of the body

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