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Maygel Colonel on how to design a swimsuit that stays well for all women

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"I have witnessed how Bodysuit himself has women left from a size 0 to a 14," Ana Cristina Faria, co-founder and director of Boho Hunter, and part of the jury of the Pitch to Lafs, in an interview that herWe recently did to talk about Pamela García-Olier, Mayel's star stylist.

The director of the Miami Istituto of Miami, Massimo Casagrande, ally of the Summit and in charge of preparing the 10 finalists for their presentations gives the credit to the fabric, "MayGel's team really investigated to find this material, has a kind ofMuscle memory that allows you."They had two spontaneous applause during their pitch, the more nobody had that, and when I saw it I thought, hm, they will win.".

I ask Casagrande if he remembers what Pamela and Maygel said that he caused these applause, although I imagine where the shots go, "how they talked about the woman, which are all the same.The brand is really inclusive ".HM, Massimo was right, of course they were going to win.

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Maygel Coronel sobre cómo diseñar un traje de baño que le quede bien a TODAS las mujeres

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