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Stores in Bizkaia The bags that bear your name are created by a father and daughter in his Urduliz hamlet

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Tatiana de la Rica grew between retales, threads, pins - "I dodged them at home so as not to prick" - and children's clothing.Today he does not remember the garments that dressed in childhood she and her two older brothers, but is unable to forget those that her parents designed and made for their fima fashion, 'The trunk of Pinocchio'."They had eight stores spread over Spain and sold their designs in multi -brand shops also from abroad," this 36 -year -old getxotarra entrepreneur has pride.In fact, his parents were two advanced to his time that in the 70s they opened in Las Arenas the first store only of jeans."My father tells me that one day they sold up to 100," he remembers to extol the determination and innate talent for the fashion of this 71 -year -old man, "restless and with a lot of experience"."It is not right to retire," admits Tatiana.Therefore, he throws a hand and transmits the trade to his daughter, who is a designer and captain.

Tatiana de la Rica poses smiling in her workshop.

Tatiana studied fashion design at the European isituto di Design (FDI) of Madrid.But during the last year, his mother died and had to join the family business, where he collected his witness to continue shaping the fantasies of his children's fashion firm."I was happy, I designed the garments, as she did before, it was the ideal job for those who come from this world".But the 2008 crisis caused the closure of the brand and Tatiana decided to redirect its path to the creation of accessories, its true passion since it was a child."I had a million, they drive me crazy, give the definitive touch to the look, they bring personality," he says.At first, he began selling bags that he bought in Colombia, Peru or India, but immediately understood that the legacy his parents have left is to do things with care, in a familiar and handmade way.Today I idea with his father Special Bags "Of Kilometer Zero" in his workshop, located in his Caserío de Urduliz.They work "in a little house in the garden", where the tillage tools were previously stored, but they have filled with sketches, fabrics and much love.

Together they form an unbeatable tandem.«Contact suppliers and help me a lot to make important decisions, but social networks leave them.We do all of us: buy the fabric, the pattern, the cut, the design...And some dressmakers help us to make them, ”explains Tatiana.His bags stand out for being light, timeless and off -road.«We elaborate them in cotton or linen, so they do not weigh and are so resistant.We wanted to create the typical bag that lasts and accompanies you everywhere, ”he says.Another peculiarity of their designs is that they are customizable, a detail that seems to contribute a touch of class and satisfy the need for those clients that more and more want to differentiate and feel unique.«We embroidered the initials or the full name and we can also sew the initial in asta.A service that people love it ».

Tiendas en Bizkaia Los bolsos que llevan tu nombre los crean un padre y su hija en su caserío de Urduliz

Father and daughter opt for basic models in easily combinable colors, such as garnet, beige, blue or black.But the best is inside: they carry an original lining with a cacti print that the painter Rut olabarri designed exclusively for them."When we start, we use it only to decorate a handkerchief, but we liked it so much that it has become our brand image," they say.Of course, both are faithful to the "prints of a lifetime, which never go out of style", so their collection also includes models with Vichy, Prince of Wales, 'Animal Print', 'Animal Print'..."And if we fell in love with a fabric, we take it, we have our caps," they say.

His unique bags are available in three different sizes: 'Shopper', which is like "the sack of Mary Poppins where to take everything necessary";'petit', "manageable and flirtatious but spacious to put the essential";And the 'clutch', its most sophisticated 'mini' version to shine on summer nights.Prices range from the 49 euros that cost their cheaper handbags to 130 euros of the most expensive 'shopper'.Under a brand philosophy that appeals to sustainability, they also make portfolios to "get the most out of each piece of fabric"."Nothing is thrown in this house," they emphasize.

Your creations can be found on your website, on your Instagram account and in the Madras de las Arenas shoe store.But their plans are to get their bags to be sold in more businesses, "because people like to see and touch"."We are very excited to find both girls who are in college and 80 -year -old ladies," Celebrates Tatiana, pregnant with her second child.His illusion, in addition to having little Eduardo for September, is to continue writing "with good lyrics" a family story of love for fashion.«The idea is to do it every day a little better, enhance the web, social networks...And that my father is still there for many years.In addition, my mother from up there is also taking a hand ».


Bizkaia, Moda

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