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Gerber's baby turned 94, know her!

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The legendary baby that appears in the products of the famous marcacumplploated 94 years.

On November 20, 2020, the authentic protagonist of the products covered one more year of life.

His story is known by few, because many believed that the famous baby wanted the famous characters Humphrey Bogart or Elizabeth Taylor.However, it is not so.

Who is the baby?

The name of the baby Ann Turner Cook who years later became an English teacher.

La bebé de Gerber cumplió 94 años, ¡conócela!

At the time the sketch was drawn, (Ann Turner Cook) was a four -month -old baby who lived in the same Connecticut neighborhood as the artist Dorothy Hope Smith. Ann Turner Cook creció para convertirse en profesora de inglés y más tarde en novelista de misterio, reseña el sitio web oficial de .

In 1928, Turner began to appear in the brand's products and 3 years later he officially became the image of the company.

Throughout history, all kinds of products have been labeled with Turner's face.

Several generations have grown with skin products, clothing and accessories.

Company success

Thanks to Turner's choice, it was possible to position an successful brand in the market.

The ads and coupons showed the angelic face of baby Gerber and had a great success. En seis meses, la comida para bebés Gerber se distribuyó a nivel nacional y se vendieron 590,000 latas en el primer año, cuenta la empresa en su sitio web.


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