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The legend of the witches of Ixtapaluca that sucks babies to feed

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There is the belief of supernatural beings not only in Mexicans, but throughout the world, and on the hill of the elephant, located in the municipality of Ixtapaluca, it is known for its legends of witch sucks babies, which made it a mythical and mythical placefeared by the residents of the east zone of the State of Mexico.They assure that in the place, where there are even archaeological vestiges, there are more than 10 caves where dozens of witches that subsist to suck the blood to babies are hidden.

In the native villages of Chalco, Ixtapaluca, Cocotitlán and Tlalmanalco -cercanos to the pregnant women or who have just given birth they place scissors on the doors, insurance in the clothes and red rags to prevent the witches from taking theirchildren.

People tell that witches, during the day, are women who live with the rest of the population, mostly merchants.They assure that there is an elderly lady who travels daily the streets of the town of Tlapacoya, the closest to the hill, and loads a basket full of vegetables and fresh fruits that offers the inhabitants.

La leyenda de las Brujas de Ixtapaluca que chupan bebés para alimentarse

At the end of your workday, you walk between the bushes of the Cerril area and disappears, it is said that it is a witch.She enters the place to protect himself in one of the caves and leave later to steal babies and feed.

The population remembers that in the town of Ayotla, municipality of Ixtapaluca, in the 60s a family organized the birthday party of a 7 -year -old boy, when his sister of just 3 months of age disappeared and days later was located in a Barranca? sucked by a witch?.

I was a girl when that happened, the town was little, there were few people and most were looking for the baby, we knew her because her mother was my mother's friend, and from looking for her they found her in a ravine and say she wasAs with pacifiers or bruises, that the witch had sucked it, said Martha who has lived in the town for 70 years.

Such is the astonishment about these legends that the women of Cocotitlán and some communities in the volcanoes region are pointed out as witches and families of surrounding municipalities prevent their children from getting marriage to the witches' ''.

The saying that you do not marry one of such place was not left because they are witches, for grandparents or elderly people always say that, they erroneously have the belief that they are really witches, added Guadalupe inhabitant of the community of Tlapacoya.

Even those who do not believe take their precautions and if yes or if they do not always follow the recommendations to avoid the witches, that also every morning, they are observed at the tip of the elephant hill in the form of giant balls of giant ballslight.

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