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Vera Valdez, Chanel Muse: "It is humiliating to have Bolsonaro as president. He is only interested in the rich"

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Vera Valdez (85) stars with Almudena Amor the one called to be the great Spanish horror movie of the season.Directed by Paco Plaza, co -written by Carlos Vermut and with music from Fatima al Qadiri, 'La Granduela' arrives at theaters on the 29 the public.

"Paco has done a very delicate thing, he knows how to direct very well.And I was always happy with what I did.This gave me a lot of confidence, "explains the Brazilian actress to LOC during a visit to Madrid."And the whole team was very good.And very nice with me;All day: 'Verita, Verita'.I think I am a very natural person ".

But as interesting as the films he has starred (now a project on African-Muslman immigration to Brazil begins) is Valdez's own life (Rio de Janeir.I was born in a theater: my mother and my aunt worked there.They also made experimental cinema, in which there were never money to finish the movies.They were bohemias.I first went up to a stage with seven years.And with 15 I started professionally.I think I'm a good actress because I was raised by good actresses ".

"If I don't work, I'm not fine.He has also given me freedom: to travel, to meet people, "he explains."Even when they tortured me I used my interpretive arts to exaggerate," drops on an issue on which he will return later.

Vera Valdez, musa de Chanel:

"My life is very interesting," he acknowledges."I've always done everything I wanted to do.When you live like this, there are dramatic and happy things ".

"The worst chapters would be my first marriage, when my husband [actor Luís Linhaates] kidnapped my daughter, and the dictatorship, with the torture I suffered".Vera speaks of the military government that was established in Brazil in 1964, during which she was arrested."But we also face them.We were hippies, we dressed scandalously, we took LSD...We were dangerous, "proclaims."We got into the galeão's cliffs, we took acid and we were going to provoke the military,".

That situation reminds him of his country now: "For Brazilians, it is humiliating to have Bolsonaro as president.Because he doesn't like his people and treats him with contempt, he doesn't talk to us.He has not dedicated a little word to whom we have suffered and lost relatives.You are only interested in the rich ".


On the side of the cheerful chapters is his time as a model in Paris, in which he became Coco Chanel muse."I have very happy memories.Because we understood ourselves very well.And, at the same time, it was complex because I was very rebellious and she was very difficult to work...But I like people like that ".

She became the mold of the Couturière designs."Chanel's friends were going to see her.And I remember one day, a baroness, who asked him why he carved clothes with me, if I was tall and narrow.And Chanel replied: 'Because he has the body of poor' [laughs] ".

"I was very young and did typical things of my age," he acknowledges."Once, on the day of the innocents, I put a little back of paper on the back of the model that was going before me in the parade and Chanel threw me.But then I called me again.Always".

"When I put on the street I was going with Dior, Pierre Cardin, Guy Laroche...I was also very friend of Yves Saint Laurent, "he continues to recall.

There was a certain mother-daughter relationship between Chanel and Valdez, he points."Sometimes she got angry at me and sent me to the wall.But I loved it, because I could listen to what I was talking to her friends ".

But what he liked the most of that time was the bohemian."Then the cocaine was very good; today it is shit.In Bolivia there were seven families of coca.There was one that was 'butterfly wings': very little, shone.Another was 'butter': wonderful, yellowish, creamy.A delight.Now you put a little and it already hurts in your nose, "he complains.Even so, she loves to dance from 'Farla' with her friends, and lists a few well -known names.

"I love marijuana too, although I smoked a lot tobacco until I was 40 and I have a emphysema," he laments.And then, of course, love: Louis Malle, Baron Teddy Van Zuylen, Pedro de Moraes (son of Vinicius, the lugist of the 'Garota de Ipanema')...And so on until today."Yes, I have a lover," he acknowledges with a laugh.

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