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The most absurd scares of first -time parents |The provinces

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María José Carchano

How many times have we approached our baby to check what I was breathing while sleeping?How many moments of the day we are assaulted black omens when it coughs three times in a row?How much guilt have we felt because we have fallen from the Hamaquita or the Trona after we have left it without binding?The grandmothers say that when you have a child you never stop suffering for him;even less when he is a totally dependent boo.Worse, we turn Google into our medical encyclopedia where, attention, an annoyance in the big toe of the left foot becomes a symptom of a very serious and incurable disease.

The social pressure of removing the diaper from children at three years

María José Carchano

The reality is that each father has several anecdotes to tell about his first steps exercising as such.Some are very funny, although at that time there are no laughs, just a scare that turns your heart.An example.Majo took his two -month -old son at the emergency room at three in the morning because he had coughed more than three times in a row.In the motive of the emergency part you could read: 'worried mother'."I felt very ridiculous," says Ana, who at that time thought that the child drowned.

The fact that babies do not speak, nor know what happens to them, does not help so calm fears.«I remember my daughter Adriana one afternoon making the nap.I was deeply asleep, he wore a purple pajamas and for how he gave him the light seemed that he had a purple face.I was so scared, thinking that I did not breathe, that I woke up almost shouting, ”says Arantxa, that he acknowledges that his hypochondría has moved to the health of his children.

Los sustos más absurdos de padres primerizos | Las Provincias

Pandemia has not helped, and remember how when it all started, back in March 2020, they came to take the temperature for their children several times every night."It became something compulsive that, luckily, I no longer do," he says.

Fernando still remembers that one day, he doesn't know very well why, he began to read about the colors of the cacas.«The article divided them by gravity of the disease that suffered according to the tone, and warned of the white ones.That day my daughter made a more clear peanut than usual and I took her running to the pediatrician ».The doctor explained that, in any case, it was a nuclear target, which what the girl had done was normal.Depositions are a separate world, and what father has not scrutinized in the diaper looking.

Cris is pediatric.For example, one of the most common is that he has an swollen nipple, as with a bulld."It's about something hormonal, and just as it comes,".Recognize that the Internet scares a lot, and that it is better to consult the pediatrician so that we do not scare ourselves for no reason.Of swelling in a nipple also has a Gema anecdote, who remembers how his daughter was reddened and asked for time with the pediatrician, worried about hormonal issues and, who knows, breast cancer, who had read that he could also have them in girls.«The pediatrician only asked one question: 'Has something released lately?'.Well, he succeeded, because the day before he had put himself in neoprene to go to the swimming pool, and caused him a reaction ».

Gema can not forget the day he took his daughter running to emergency with some ranch on the skin and a body temperature higher than forty degrees.Actually it was a dermatitis with no more serious than the fact that the redness were hot and the one in the armpit increased the temperature that marked the thermometer."We are very scared".

Más de Menudos

He also shouted in Heaven Maria the day he saw something pink on the toilet paper after his eight -year -old daughter did Pipi."I thought I had lowered the rule and it was nothing more than the flower print of the hygienic paper," he laughs.


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