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Mercadona's new business that will surprise you

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The owner of Mercadona has launched into a new business adventure.Juan Roig has opened Market shuttle, a new concept of food store in which the closeness with customers prevails.The new place is located at the Saler shopping center, in Valencia.The store has 450 square meters and offers innovative ideal to test if they are consumer taste.In this new store, cosmetic, ecological food, fashion and accessories are marketed.For now it will only be open until January 15.


During the next 2 months you can try and buy these novelties, and there will even be workshops for the little ones in the house to create candles or decorate Christmas trees.And what are the brands that are confirmed?Saigu, Kaf Cosmetic, Feelit, Timpers or Brava Fabrics are just some of them.

Now, Shuttle is not a novelty (yes Market shuttle), since this initiative of Juan Roig has already supported more than 800 startup since 2013 with 20 million euros in loans and the creation of about 5.5000 jobs.In short, a very positive initiative for business growth in Spain.

It should be noted that Juan Roig's supermarket chain that already has 90.000 employees distributed in more than 1.600 establishments (14 of them in Portugal).

Mercadona's latest news

El nuevo negocio del dueño de Mercadona que te sorprenderá

Each new product that Mercadona gets becomes news and is commented by hundreds of users on social networks.Cheese Tequeños or Maracuyá Gelatin are only two examples of the latest products marketed by the supermarket chain.In addition to a totally comprehensive bread or a new fish fumet.

The new Mercadona nougat

Taking advantage of the arrival of Christmas Mercadona has launched a new nougat that knows Kinder good.Those who have tried them say he is delicious.

New Mercadona Cosmetics Line

Juan Roig supermarkets also launch from time to time limited editions of some of their products.An example is the new cosmetics line inspired by the aromas of autumn that is already in its linear and that will only be marketed during this season.

The new range of marketing products from Mercadona.

It has body cream, hand cream, exfoliating, body oil, shower gel and perfume.

The clothes bleach that triumphs in Mercadona

Mercadona cleaning products are highly appreciated by customers.Some praise them and compare them with others of better known brands and with a much higher prize.Such is the case of a clothing bleach that is triumphing on social networks.

The multipurpose cloth to clean electronic devices

Also in the cleaning section of the supermarkets of the chain we can find this multipurpose cloth ideal to clean the electronic devices and that makes the competition AA Apple.The price difference is abysmal.While Mercadona is worth less than one euro, the computer giant is worth 25 euros.According to those who have tried it, the result is spectacular.

Mercadona's controversial decision that angers its customers

Mercadona has also been news in recent days for a decision that has angered many of its customers.And from now on, the supermarkets of the chain will not accept product discount vouchers.This new norm has raised a lot of controversy and criticism on social networks.

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