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All changes of 'look' of the celebrities in 2022

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In recent times, celebrities have shown that they are not afraid of look changes, especially those referring to hair - like the surprising change of Chrissy Teigen look, for example -.If previously actresses, models and singers moved in a brief range of changes and always betting on the blond, the brunette or the redhead (like some of the divas of classic cinema), now the color changes are at the age of day.Rose has become the favorite of the season, but there are also those that bet on even more risky tones such as blue or silver and those that assume radical changes such as Angelina Jolie, which has transformed her jet hair into a blond tonePlatinum to face his latest role in Marvel's mega -centrene.

And not just color changes are protagonists.The most famous faces have raised extensions to the essential hair accessory category.There is Jennifer Lopez to confirm it, with her ultralized hair and high pigtails capable of highlighting her factions and stylizing her face.Or Phoebe Dynevor, who has not hesitated to say goodbye to his traditional hair to add new layers to his hair and bet on a hair with much more volume for the summer era and the summer collections that usually save life.

Todos los cambios de 'look' de las famosas en 2022

We do not forget the bangs (or the 10 bangs that are trend this year).There are few celebrities who have resisted him this season.From the lightest, curtain type - we tell you how to cut and comb the fashion bangs - to the most resoundIn many cases, with new styles.Those who prove it, usually become addicted to him.

Either a change of color, length or cutting, hair is a fundamental tool to play with the image and to give personality to looks.Either for professional reasons or personal interest, we review one by one all the changes of the famous look this 2021.From the most radical to the most discreet, many of them become a true source of inspiration to take ideas and dare (if you are one of those who cost you) to a more radical change in the next visit to the hairdresser.

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