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The most expensive and extravagant gifts that celebrities have made to their children

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Celebrity children

Biberones with sapphires, cribs with crowns, houses and miniature cars that cost more than some real...So they don't miss anything

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A few days ago, LeBron James discovered the gift he has made to his daughter Zhur I for his sixth birthday.The basketball player explained in a video that had made a family home built in Los Angeles on a smaller scale for the little girl, the little one of her three children.The house, located in the mansion's garden, does not lack detail.

With this huge game house, the basketball player follows in the footsteps of other multimillionaire stars that do not hesitate to make sumptuous gifts to their offspring, sometimes extravagant and more typical of adults who want to get the attention than children, that surely all they wantIt is playing.Biberones with sapphires, golden baths, cribs with crowns, miniature cars that cost more than some reais, bags and haute couture clothing, beauty treatments for babies ... The whims with which they adorn their children are as excessive as the bulky wallet from his parents.

Children's mansion

Before LeBron, Kourtney Kardashian and his then partner, Scott Disick, almost 90 spent.000 euros so that their three children, Penelope, Reign and Mason, had their game house

Before LeBron, Kourtney Kardashian and his then partner, Scott Disick, almost 90 spent.000 euros so that their three children, Penelope, Reign and Mason, also had their game house.He is made of wood and minimalist - a strange something in this excessive family - and would not disregard at all on the cover of a contemporary architecture magazine.In fact, one of these magazines made a report.

A few months before, the cousin of these children, Stormi, daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, received as a gift from her grandmother, Kris Jenner, another house for her alone that, in addition, is very similar to what Kylie herself had ofsmall."To have the same memories with your daughter," said the Kardashian clan matriarch.

Stormi, who is only 2 years old already received a diamond ring on his first Christmas and his father gave him before separating a armchair made with teddy dolls from Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana, which costs about 20.000 euros.

He is two years old

Stormi, daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, will not have to wait to get older to wear Mom's luxurious bags, because she already has several of them in miniature

Kylie Jenner's eyes and Travis Scott won't have to wait to get older to wear Mom's luxurious bags, because she already has several of them in miniature.It seems that the ones who like the most are the Kelly II of Hermès, which measures 25 centimeters, is pink fuchsia and is valued at 63.000 euros, and the Taurillon Clemence Kelly Ado, the backpack, also pink, with which the little one has started taking classes ... at home.

Los regalos más caros y extravagantes que los famosos han hecho a sus hijos

The excesses of the Kardashian continue with the mimos of the firstborn, Kim, and her husband, Kanye West, to her four offspring.For the elder, North (7), Fan by Michael Jackson, bids at an auction 65.$ 625 to give him an iconic singer hunter for Christmas.Since 3 years, the girl has a 180 m2 dressing room with Chanel, Balenciaga, Givenchy or Oscar de la Renta.It has two stylists at your disposal, a tailor and her mother disburse every month a child in beauty treatments for her.

The little sister of Noth, Chicago West, who in January turned 2, has thrown a replica of her mother's sports car, a mercedes g-wagon in neon yellow, kindness of her aunt Kourtney Kardashian.And it is that the replicas of dad and mom cars is a very helpful and common gift among the famous millionaires to Lus kids, just as they dressed together with the postin galas.

Nor Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé and Jay-Z's first daughter, have lacked luxuries since she arrived in the world in January 2012.Honoring his mother's nick.000 euros and the bathtub covered with Swarovski crystals, more than 4.000, a gift from Kelly Rowland, singer's companion in the Destiny’s Child group.

More than a princess

Blue Ivy had a cradle with a carriage -shaped crib, a trona with swarovski crystals and sapphires with sapphires

Those pieces were also followed by a trona with Swarovski or Biberones with sapphires.And it was rumored that even a golden rocker horse designed by the Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanak.000 euros, although there are no photos of the supposed gift in the hands of Blue Ivy or none of two twin brothers, Rumi and Sir Carter, born in 2017.Of these there are practically no images, unlike its already influencer little sister, that treasures shoes by Tom Ford, Mini-Ferraris or a Barbie of 60.000 euros.With 8 years, Beyoncé's princess also has a personal stylist and purchasing assistant.

Mariah Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon, also have two twins, Moroccan and Monroe (9), who babies looked unmissable with diamonds in their diapers.Now they play with natural sized stuffed animals and the mother was taken as a small mischief that with 7 years the child spent 5.000 dollars without your consent in the Amazon portal.

Criticism response

“The children of the celebrities also pose on the red carpet.If I go blank and her father too, she is not going to be less ”, dice Cardi B sobre su hija, Kulture

The always excessive cardi B, to celebrate her daughter's first birthday, Kulture, born in 2018, commissioned a diamond and white gold necklace with the characters of a Netflix children's program for which she paid almost 90.000 euros.And last July, for his second birthday, the daughter of the rapper and the hip hop offset artist, had his first Birkin de Hermès, which costs about 7.000 euros, obviously pink.The bag seems that it did not make it very funny, because in the video that her parents shared you see how the girl gets excited to see the box but when discovering what it contains, she turns around and starts playing.

Given the criticism, Cardi B defended himself by saying: “When celebrities buy their children jewels and designer things, people always say:‘ Children do not care about that of that.They just want toys and candies ’.Children like toys and candies, but they also go outside.Children go to restaurants, to elegant sites...And the children of the celebrities also pose on the red carpet.If I go blank and her father too, she is not going to be less ”.

This October, Cardi B and her offset.000 euros.It is a personalized design made of leather no less than Rolls Royce.For not missing, he does not lack or countertops...or post -bibber, that the girl is only two years old.

Going into the Emme closet, Jennifer López's little girl and her former Marc Anthony, must be an experience, because it seems that her mother is determined that the 11 -year -old girl collects as many skins coats like her.To his other son, Max, Emme's twin, gave him a goldndoble puppy this summer.

Other celebrities prefer to invest in art for their offspring, such as Sandra Bullock, who on his son Louis's first birthday, which now has 10 gave him a Warhol box that he bought at a solidarity auction for 12.000 euros.What is certain that this gift will be revalued over time.Although the Kardashian could reply that a Hermès bag never loses value.Moreover, their girls can sell those who already have those who want to skip the long waiting lists that the French brand has.

For his part, David and Victoria Beckham, for Harper Seven's first birthday (9) commissioned the artist Damien Hirst the painting Daddy’s Girl (Dad's girl).It cost 600.000 euros and round the 200.000 that meant decorating the bedroom of the little girl.Harper's older brother, Brooklyn (21) learned to drive with luxury cars and since childhood they gave him replicas of high -end models, such as Porsche or Hummer, always the same one that his father used at that time at that time.The Beckham spent more than 26.000 euros in an optical fiber system to reproduce a starry sky in your room, and now that Brooklyn is going to marry - with the American actress and multimillionaire Nicola Peltz - it is rumored that they will give you a house in London to have them nearby.

The spending a money in the sprout room is another constant in the celebrities.British singer Adele and her then husband, Simon Konecki, paid more than 17.000 euros for the game room of his son Angelo Adkins (8) and another 46.000 in a system of lights and sound for your bedroom.Again, the Beckham always marking the way...

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