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These are the best apps and websites to sell second -hand clothes

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Do you have clothes that you no longer wear and want to sell it?Well, congratulations!Here you will be able to see what are the applications and websites that allow you to sell used clothes on the Internet.It doesn't matter if what you want to sell is women's clothes, man, babies or children, because most of these platforms give you the possibility of publishing garments of any kind.

1The best apps and websites to sell second -hand clothes
1.1Facebook Marketplace
1.5Baul chic

The best apps and websites to sell second -hand clothes

Before showing you the recommendations we have prepared for you, it is important to mention that many times the sale of used clothing fails to be completed.If this happens to you, do not worry, keep publishing your garments until someone who needs them can find them in some of the apps or sites that we show you below.

Facebook Marketplace

The social network Facebook has its own “store” in which you can sell not only second -hand clothes, that is, but any type of product.The process that you must carry out to be able to sell clothes in that place is really very simple:

It should be noted that Facebook Marketplace is available from the Facebook app for Android, as well as from the Facebook web version.If the Marketplace Facebook logo does not appear, you can enter the link that we show you previously to solve this problem.

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Price: Free

Estas son las mejores apps y webs para vender ropa de segunda mano

Link |Facebook Marketplace


While this tool does not specialize in the sale of second -hand clothing, since practically everything is sold, it is considered one of the best pages/applications to buy and sell used products on the Internet.

The advantage of this platform with respect to the others is that it is the most popular and therefore the second -hand clothes that you sell there will have a greater visibility.Basically, the more people you arrive, the more chances you will have to sell your clothes, and after all this is what really matters.

The process that must be carried out to sell used clothes in Wallapop is really very simple:

In this case, Wallapop allows you to sell, buy and manage your products directly from your website or from the application available both in Android and iOS.

Price: Free

Link |Wallapop


If what you want is a platform where you can only sell second -hand clothes, VINTED is what you are looking for.By becoming one of the most popular in terms of purchase and sale of garments used, it is more than likely that all the clothes you publish will be sold.

The process that must be carried out to be able to sell second -hand clothes inside Vind is really very, very simple:

The good thing about Vind is that they do not charge you commission, that is, it is basically a free service in which second -hand clothes can be sold without any impediment.In addition, the service offers a kind of "protection" to scams, what does this mean?This indicates that until the buyer does not receive the product, the payment will not be released.

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Without much more to add on this platform, it is necessary to mention that it can be used both from the browser of a PC, as well as from Android and iOS through its official application.

VINTED – Moda de segunda mano
Price: Free



Many of the best websites and apps on the Internet to sell online clothes focus exclusively on women's clothes and garments.This, unlike the others, is one of the few that will allow you to sell garments of all kinds: children, baby, man and woman.You can empty your house's cabinets almost completely as it admits virtually any garment.

Clothes works very similar to other platforms, as the following must be done to be able to sell garments within this service:

It is important to clarify the money you will receive for the sale of garments will be only 40% of the total publication.Taking all this into account, the best could be to use another platform, although we recommend that you try the system, as clothes are practically responsible for all work, something that some people value even more than the money they can receive.

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Link |Clothes

Baul chic

If what you are looking for is a recognized website, with a lot of prestige and also with a somewhat "normal" commission, Baul chic is a platform that you should take into account.The operation of this second -hand clothing sales site works in the same way as clothes, since the procedure that must be carried out in order to sell clothes is as follows:

At the moment, Baul chic can only be used from the browser, either from a PC or from an Android or iOS mobile.It is expected that an app is launched shortly, although the launch date of it is unknown.

Link |Baul chic

If you already tried some of the platforms that we have mentioned in this article, leave us a comment so that other people can see how effective they are, or which one that has left you the most money at the time of specifying a sale.

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