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Heat stroke: look at the collections you have to take - eqsnotas

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The heat stroke is more frequent than we think and more at times with temperature as high as the one we are registering at this time in the Chubutense mountain range.

This is the increase in body temperature due to prolonged exposure to the sun, a classical insolation, or for exercising in hot environments or with little ventilation to the point that the body loses water and essential salts for its proper functioning.

In these situations the body has difficulty regulating its temperature due to the usual mechanisms such as sweating so there is an increase in body temperature.The heat blow can be presented at the time or after several days of high temperature.

What are the symptoms?

It is important to be alert to the following symptoms and consult the doctor in case they appear, especially in the case of pregnant women, babies, young children, adults over 65 and people with chronic diseases:

+Temperature greater than 39 ° C (measured in the armpit)

+Excessive sweating

+Dry skin

Golpe de calor: mirá los recaudos que tenés que tomar - EQSnotas

+Exhaustion, tiredness or weakness

+Dizziness or fainting

+Stomach pains, lack of appetite, nausea or vomiting

+Headaches (beat or oppression sensation)

In babies it can also be evidenced:

+The skin very irritated by sweat in the neck, chest, armpits, elbow folds and diaper area.

+Irritability (inconsolatable crying in the little ones).

Who are the most vulnerable?

Anyone can be a victim of a heat stroke.However, special care must be taken with the following groups since they have a higher risk of suffering it:

+Babies and children especially under 1 year (since their body has less capacity to regulate its temperature)

+Babies suffering from fever for other causes, or diarrhea

+People with chronic diseases (heart, renal or neurological conditions)

+Obese or malnourished children

+People who have the skin very burned by the sun

+Young people who abuse drinks with alcohol and drugs

+Older people

How to prevent it?

To avoid a heat stroke in areas and/or times of high temperatures, it is important:

+Avoid drinks with caffeine or excess sugar

+Avoid very cold or very hot drinks

+Avoid heavy meals

+Take abundant safe water throughout the day

+I reduced physical activity at the highest heat hours.

+Remain in ventilated places.

+Avoid abundant meals and preferred to ingest fruits and vegetables.

+Pregnant adults and women should remain especially well hydrated and extreme care measures.

With the youngest:

+Give your chest more frequently

+When they have more than 6 months, offer them continuously liquids, especially natural juices.

+Dress them with baggy, lightweight, cotton and light colors or even undress them.

+Bathe them and wet the body frequently.

+Propose quiet games preventing them from agitating.

+Prevent the sun from being exposed especially at noon or, protecting them from their effects if exposure cannot be avoided: with the use of proper clothing (hats, long -sleeved clothes) and suitable sunscreens.

+Keep them in well ventilated or air conditioning (either at home or public places) when the ambient temperature is very high.

+Never stay with them inside a parked and closed vehicle.

For all:

+Avoid alcohol drinks as body temperature and fluid losses increase.It is not convenient to drink beer before thirst and heat.

+Avoid intense physical activity.

How should we act if it happens?

It is important to act quickly.First, you should try to lower the body's temperature affected, with ice or with a bath in ice water.

It is also important:

+Offer fresh water (or even water with a teaspoon of salt)

+Move the person to a fresh and ventilated place

+Do not manage antifebrile medications

+Do not friction the skin with alcohol

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