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Things that are washed in a washing machine and you did not know

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The washing machine is essential to do laundry, helping you clean and disinfect your clothing and household items. But, in addition, you can use it to wash other things that perhaps you had not thought of. Of course, you must be careful with the program and the temperature you use.

To avoid accidents, it is important that you review the information and warnings that appear on the product label beforehand. And of course, that you have a good washing machine with the appropriate programs. You can find the best washing machines on the market in our comparator:

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What you can put in the washing machine

There are clothes and objects, not just textiles, that can be washed as long as you use the appropriate program. Washing machine bags, in mesh or fine cloth, are useful in some cases.

Pet accessories and toys

You can put leashes and collars in the washing machine if they are made of nylon and plastic toys. You can also wash your bed: first try to remove the hairs with an adhesive roller or a brush, remove the cover and wash it in a program suitable for the material. If the cover is made of cotton, you can wash it hot.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are often filled with oil from the scalp, hairsprays, conditioners, gels……. It's best to put them in a delicates bag so they don't "disappear" in the washing machine.

Puzzle Mats

If you have small children at home, you probably have a puzzle mat that the little ones sit on and play. To wash it, you just have to disassemble the pieces and put them in the washing machine with a cold water program.

Bathroom Mats

If your non-slip bathroom mat has accumulated traces of mold and dirt, you don't need to change it. You can put it in the washing machine with a cold water program and a short spin.

Small rugs and car mats

Things that are washed in a washing machine and not Did you know

Small cotton rugs, at the foot of the bed or similar, can be washed on a delicate cycle and in cold water.

Car mats that are made of fabric, wash them with a short program in cold water. Before you have to shake them well and vacuum them to remove dust and dirt.

Pillows and cushions

Pillows, both feather and synthetic, accumulate unsightly yellowish stains due to sweat and saliva. You can put them in the washing machine, but you should make sure to use a vigorous spin and then let them air dry thoroughly, fluffing them from time to time. This will prevent the formation of mold. This same procedure is valid for the cushion fillings.

Reusable bags

Reusable cloth bags should be washed at least a couple of times a week on a delicate program, especially if you use them to carry fruit, vegetables, meat, fish...

The insulated bags in which we take food to work can also be put in the washing machine.

Shower Curtains

Curtains tend to accumulate mold, along with soap scum, lotion, or conditioner. Textiles can be washed in the washing machine at 30ºC, plastic ones are better in cold water. In both cases, choose a short program without spinning. When the wash is done, again hang them flat to dry.

Quilts and duvet fillings

If your washing machine has a large capacity drum, you can wash the quilts at home. Use a program for delicate clothes.

In case you don't have that much capacity, a laundry washer can be used.

Exercise mats

It depends on the material they are made of, but some can be put in the washing machine with a cold water or delicate program, neutral soap and without spinning.

Mops and mops

The tools we use to clean must also be washed. The mops and mops can easily be put in the washing machine with hot water to remove all the dirt.

Oven gloves

The gloves with which we remove the trays from the oven, both cloth and silicone, can be put in the washing machine at a high temperature to remove traces of grease, since most they are strong enough to withstand high temperatures, but it is always advisable to look at the label. If they do not have a label, it is preferable to wash them by hand.


We usually place backpacks on the floor and they rub against all kinds of surfaces, so a good option to clean them is to put them in the washing machine. Check the label where it is likely to recommend washing in cold water. It is preferable that the spin is not too fast to prevent them from deforming.

Construction pieces and "Lego"

You can wash them with your normal laundry, but put all the pieces in a mesh bag before putting them in the drum.

Stuffed Animals

The smallest stuffed animals tend to store dust and even food remains. To clean them, you can put them in the washing machine on a delicate program with a little detergent and cold water. It is preferable to put them in a mesh bag or in a pillowcase.

Before putting them in the drum, first check if they have any electronic components or batteries: if so, you won't be able to wash them in the machine. If you notice any unstitched seams, close them beforehand so the stuffing doesn't escape.

Cloth and Trainers

First, remove the laces, which you can wash with normal laundry. If possible, remove the insoles, as it is better to wash them by hand. If the shoes have stains, rub them with a brush and neutral soap. Then, put them in a mesh bag, put them in the drum and select a gentle program without spinning with cold water to prevent them from shrinking.

And what you should not wash in the machine

There are some fabrics that lose their properties if washed in the washing machine, so it is preferable not to put them in or do it with great caution:

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