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Useful uses of talc powders you didn't know - Malaga's opinion

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Almost all have the classic talc dusts, very often used as a product of hygiene and beauty, especially when there is a baby at home, which is very good to prevent its sensitive skin from being irritated.These are the basic uses of talc dust, but, this product has multiple surprising uses and we bring you the most useful ones that you surely did not know.Prevents the passage of ants

Fed that ants walk freely through your home?You just have to sprinkle talc dust in the favorite corners of these insects.The smell of the product will repel them and disappear completely.

Cooler sheets

We prepare to face heat months with lighter and short and fresh pajamas sheets.But, for a plus of freshness, talc powder can be sprinkled above the sheets which will create a very pleasant sensation of freshness of freshness.

Eliminate sand from the beach

Now that heat approaches, beach days are more common in our calendars, but also, unfortunately, the sand, which becomes a nuisance when we get home and leave everything lost.To prevent the sand from accompanying us to our home;If we have dry skin but we still keep the sand, we will sprinkle talc dust and you can remove the grains from your skin that resist you.

Bring the leather

Usos útiles de los polvos de talco que no conocías - La Opinión de Málaga

With talc dust and a soft cloth, do not release lints, you will be able to return to your leather garments or your shoes the brightness of yesteryear

Calm insect bites

The heat months also bring with them the dreaded and hated mosquitoes that can leave very annoying site on our skin.Talc dust becomes our ally when it comes to relieve them, as it will help you end the stinging.

Oil stains

Fat brands are very difficult to eliminate, but talc powders facilitate the process.Sprinkle on the oil stain and let the product absorb the oil well.Then brush very well to eliminate talc and wash the garment as usual.

Blood stains

With a paste made of talc and water powders, you just need to apply it on the blood stain.Let it dry and wash the garment as you normally do, so the stain will disappear.

Hair with fats

Do you have the roots of your fatty hair?You just need to sprinkle a little talc dust in the brush you use to mold your hair, with a small blow, eliminate excess and brush your hair until there is no trace of dust and you will see that the fat disappears.This trick also provides volume to the hair.Longer and volume eyelashes

Another beauty trick consists of, once the mask of eyelashes is applied, then pass a brush impregnated with talc powders.After that, the mask passes again, which will adhere the powders to your eyelashes and cover the typical product of the product.You will see your tabs much more spectacular than ever.


We all know that talcum powder absorbs moisture, so, if you are a very prone person to sweat, you can apply this product in armpits and feet to solve this uncomfortable problem.This will also prevent the peeling that occur at the feet due to excess sweating.Apply it before dressing or fitting and you won't think about sweat again.Another way to avoid bad odors in the footwear that is designed to go without socks is sprinkling every morning a little talc dust in your footwear, and you will avoid bad smell and that your shoes last longer.Cats without smells

For the urine marks of your pets, which usually detach a lot.Another small trick is sprinkle the cat box also with powders in order to absorb all the smell of the urines.

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