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Of the opulent Venezuelan Christmas only the memory remains

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The economic recession of Venezuela, in the last eight years, has made the traditions disappear from many homes.They only remain in the memory of those who lived it, in photos or videos, the delicious Christmas dishes, the tails and the bustle of purchases in the shops, the happy songs in the masses of Aguinaldo and the family encounters on Christmas Eve and the end of the year.

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The current panorama in the neighboring country is not encouraging because many Venezuelans have lost the purchasing power to organize the great celebrations to which they were accustomed, amid opulence, more than 20 years ago.Also the mass exodus of more than 6.000.000 of its inhabitants, according to statistics from the United Nations Organization, impregnated a bleak environment and thousands of families are scattered around the world.

De las opulentas navidades venezolanas solo queda el recuerdo

Many remember that it was a habit to start Christmas preparations since employees received profits or called bonuses, at the end of November or early December.

In the 90s, Venezuela had 21.000.000 of inhabitants Y8.000.000 had formal and informal work, according to the sampling household survey of the National Statistics Institute.Labor stability in that decade allowed to please any taste and in the Christmas season the Venezuelan did not spare in expenses.

“With the money from the profits we bought the painting for the house, the children's gifts.I got you to buy clothes, change the furniture and everything you needed for dinner on December 24 and 31, ”said Valencian Hernán Rodríguez, 65 years old.

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