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Do we behave like cows and without questioning our pediatricians?

Paola Ochoa|@paolaochoaamaya
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  • Por:Paola Ochoa20 de junio 2021 , 11:33 p. m.

    And who said fear.Poor who dares to get into Colombia with the untouchable exclusive breastfeeding.Unquestionable doctrine for Lacolombiana of Pediatrics, absolute truth for millions of families, irrefutable dogma for dozens of journalists, crossed for social networks and revealed truth for millions of Colombian mothers.

    And intractable theme within a convinced society that there is only one truth for mothers: that we have to give breast milk exclusively during the first 6 months of life and without mixing anything.Nothing is nothing: no food, neither solid nor liquid, neither water nor tea, nor any other type of milk during the first semester of life.This is established by the definition of ‘exclusive breastfeeding’ of the World Health Organization, the very Holy See for Lacolombiana de Pediatrics.No matter how dehydrated the baby seems, no matter how much reflux can have, no matter if mom's milk vomits, no matter if the factory no longer endures, it doesn't matter if production is little, it doesn't matter if the baby is hungryIt doesn't matter if he cries for two or three hours in a row until the production reloads again.Filling cycle that forces to drink liters of water to the mothers, torrents of aromatic waters, hundreds of fennel tea bags, dozens of naturist pills, grass of panela water and vases of whole cow's milk.How much is there to stimulate the hormones that send the stop in breastfeeding: prolactin, oxytocin and FIL, responsible for the proper daily functioning of the factory.Factory that serves as a livelihood for a dogmatized industry in favor of breastfeeding: breastfeeders, breastfeeding cushions, breastfeeding books, breastfeeding courses, breastfeeding bras, breastfeeding for breastfeeding, breast milk extractors, electric milking machines, tiny not to stain the clothes, cold hydrogel patches for sore nipples, creams for cracked nipples, nipples for which they are flat or inverted, absorbent patches that avoid escapes of fluids, tops and shirts with special openings to remove the breastsby different holes.Businesses and pediatricians who indoctrine with the idea that breast milk is the only food allowed during the first 6 months of life.It doesn't matter if there are juices, fruits, porridge, water, cow's milk or formulated jar milk.It is the unquestionable commandment of WHO and Decolombiana of Pediatrics.Fanaticism that does not take into account the point of view of mothers, nor their immense details with the daily feeding of an infant: nipples pain, blood through cracks, breast pain for so frequency, back pain after hours of hours of hoursbreastfeeding, burning in the dry areola or nipples full of llagas.And a marginal detail: multiple mothers who fail to produce enough milk to fill two mouths simultaneously.Untouchable cult in Colombia, but not everywhere, thanks to researchers who dare to experience based on the scientific method: observation, experimentation, verification and refutation of a mass phenomenon.Absolute truths in science do not exist;Not even in mathematics, where one and one do not always give two, as in the computational binary system.All scientific revolutions departed from truths that were believed absolute: that the earth was flat, that it was the center of the universe, that we left Adam and Eve, that nothing exceeds exclusive breastfeeding.What is wrong to open the look at other possibilities, other dimensions, other ways of establishing relationships between causes and consequences? Several international studies have shown that formula milk serves for babies to grow much faster by weight and size:The European Commission of June 2018, that of the University of Ghent in Belgium of July 2014, that of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrionens of February 2012, that of the Norwegian University of Science and of January of the year 2010.Studies that examined the long -term effects of these milméthrically designed milméthrically designed with iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D, probiotics and proteins.And most importantly: with greater amounts of DHA and ARA (Docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid), two omega-3 fatty acids present in quantities far superior to those of breast milk.Acids that help go further in growth curves, as different studies between North American and European communities prove.Studies that could explain the very low breastfeeding rates in countries such as Ireland, France, the United States, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark and Sweden;all collors in breastfeeding but first in population height.On the contrary, Latin America has one of the highest breastfeeding rates and one of the lowest stature matters.Is the chance or consequence of the doctrine? The earth is not flat or breastfeeding has to be unique and exclusive for the first six months of life.There is an infinite universe of complement possibilities, which pass through fruits, juices, cereals, porridge, cow's milk and formulated milks that serve to accelerate growth in stature and size.Do we behave like cows and without questioning our untouchable and indoctrinados pediatricians? Paola Ochoaen Twitter: @paolaochoaamaya

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