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World Childhood Day

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EITHERn January 24, 1991, in the EITHERfficial Gazette of the Federation (D.EITHER.F) Artículo 1º se publica el decreto presidencial por el que se crea el Consejo Nacional de Vacunación (CEITHERNAVA) como instancia de coordinación y consulta que tendría como objeto primordial promover, apoyar y coordinar las acciones de las instituciones de salud de los sectores público, social y privado, tendientes a controlar y eliminar las enfermedades transmisibles, a través del establecimiento del Programa de Vacunación Universal, dirigido a la protección de la salud de la niñez.

A partir de 1997 se ampliaron las funciones de responsabilidad del CEITHERNAVA al asumir las de coordinación y dirección del Programa de Atención a la Salud de Niño con los componentes de: vacunación, enfermedades diarreicas, infecciones respiratorias agudas y nutrición en el grupo de menores de cinco años.

El 15 de septiembre de 2000, con la publicación del Reglamento Interior de la SSA, CEITHERNAVA adoptó la naturaleza de un órgano desconcentrado, ampliando el universo de población del componente vacunación a toda la población del país, incluyendo además de los menores de cinco años, a escolares, adolescentes y adultos.

EITHERn July 3, 2001 at D.EITHER.F. se publica la reforma del CEITHERNAVA, agregando la responsabilidad de la atención integral de la población adolescente y cambia su denominación a Centro Nacional para la Salud de la Infancia y Adolescencia (CeNSIA) y el CEITHERNAVA queda asignado exclusivamente como órgano colegiado de coordinación en materia de vacunación.

In 2002, modifications to the structure of the censia are authorized, which correspond to the denomination and relocation of its components, composed of four area directions, responsible for vaccination functions, diarrheal diseases, acute respiratory infections and surveillance of theNutrition in children under five years, as well as those referring to the integral health of the school, adolescent, migrant population and the responsibility of vaccination of the general population of the country.

In September 2003, the functions that Censia were in charge are reoriented, modifying its organizational structure, being made up of three directions responsible for the health care programs of childhood, adolescence and go healthy, return healthy.

The Internal Regulations of the Ministry of Health, published on January 19, 2004, establishes that the National Center for the Health of Children and Adolescents is a deconcentrated administrative body with operational, technical and administrative autonomy, responsible for establishing, disseminating andEvaluate national policies, strategies, guidelines and procedures in the field of childhood and adolescence health care, vaccination for the entire resident population of the country and the Vete healthy program, returns healthy (VSRS).In the same way, the 2001-2006 National Health Program establishes this commitment for the censorship.

As of 2005, Censia acquires new functions that arise with the creation of the National Council for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer in Children and Adolescents, Advisory Body and Permanent Instance of Coordination and Concertación of the actions of the public, social sectorand private in terms of research, prevention, diagnosis and comprehensive cancer treatment detected in the population under 18 in the Mexican Republic.The Council has a technical secretariat, which is in charge of the censia. Esta nueva función se publica en el Diario EITHERficial de la Federación el 5 de enero de 2005.

Likewise, the Undersecretariat of Prevention and Promotion of Health, with the purpose of improving the administration of the action programs of its administrative units, transfers the healthy vete program, returns healthy, which was in charge of the censorship, toThe General Directorate of Health Promotion.In this way, for the first administrative unit the health care function of the child and adolescent population becomes more specific, and for the second administrative unit mentioned, it is reinforced with an area direction, a sub -directorate and an department that facilitateand support the field of action of health promotion in migrants and their families.

In Mexico, the Childhood and Adolescence Health Care Program of the Ministry of Health has as its general purpose the prevention and control of the most frequent conditions in childhood after the neonatal stage, and as a general strategy, integrated careof five -year -old in first level health services and in their reference hospitals. Se basa en diversas experiencias nacionales y en la propuesta de EITHERMS para la atención integrada del niño enfermo.Vaccination, growth and development surveillance, acute respiratory infections (IRA), diarrheal diseases (EDA) and nutrition deficiencies are in Mexico the main causes of demand for medical care in children under five years.But in addition, as in all developing countries, the last three are among the first causes of death after the neonatal stage.For the most part they are avoidable deaths.

Día Mundial de la Infancia

Different factors contribute to this mortality, but a very important one, as various investigations have demonstrated, is the poor quality of medical care, including the training of mothers for the care of the sick child.

In 2000, world leaders signed the Millennium Declaration in New York to direct some of the greatest moral dilemmas of our time: unequal global health, poverty and inequities in development, and to establish a series of interrelated goals and objectivesTo be fulfilled in 2015. Una meta clave en tema de salud está incluida en el EITHERbjetivo 4: lograr la reducción de la mortalidad infantil entre los menores de 5 años de edad en dos terceras partes.

Componentes del Programa de Atención a la Salud de la Infancia y Adolescencia

Información Básica

Early child development:

Why do you have to take your daughter to the health center, to make a development evaluation, if you are healthy?The periodic and systematic evaluation of child development allows you.

What are sensitive periods?They are windows of opportunity, where your daughter's brain is highly receptive to environmental stimuli and at a privileged moment for learning and development.That is why the importance of going to early stimulation workshops in the health center.

Do you have to go to the early stimulation workshops in your health center if your daughter (O) is healthy (O)?Yes, there they will help you build the bases that will allow your daughter (o) to achieve every challenge that is presented to her, according to her age and skills, reaching the maximum development potential.

Menor de un año

What is the correct position to bed your baby? The right position to sleep is "Boca upstairs", decreases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, known as "Cuna Death";In addition, make sure that the mattress surface is firm, avoid toys or pillows inside the crib and shelter it in excess.

If your baby was born prematurely, is your growth and development watched just like babies who were born in normal pregnancy time?A premature or preterm baby is one who was born before turning 37 weeks of gestational age.These babies, being immature, present different pathologies of their age group, require intensive interventions and subsequently a special follow -up.In its first subsequent control of hospital discharge, the doctor must establish the frequency of subsequent controls;The surveillance of its growth and development is carried out based on its corrected age.


What food should you give to your child to prevent malnutrition? Breast milk is the ideal food, since it provides energy and nutrients for its good growth and development, and protects it against diseases such as diarrhea and respiratory infections and allergies.In children under six months, it must be exclusive breastfeeding and after 6 months to two years, complement it with its usual diet.

What foods can you give your daughter with malnutrition?

It is recommended to introduce foods that are part of a soft diet such as: fruits, cooked vegetables, mischievous chicken broth, boiled rice or oatmeal, water atoles, tortilla and water jelly.

What foods are recommended for your daughter's lunch (O)? Includes simple water and not sugary drinks;You can give it all natural fruits and vegetables, or season with honey, granola, yogurt, amaranth, lemon;refreshments that include cheese, turkey ham, chicken, tuna, among others, and some cereal like bread sticks or natural popcorn.

Síndrome de Turner

Why are girls born with Turner syndrome?Turner's syndrome originates from the lack of a second sex chromosome, which can be because sperm or ovule at the time of fertilization was empty and there is only one X chromosome to form the future baby.The sperm carry half of the information by the father (23 chromosomes) to provide it to the ovule when they fertilize it and the ovule contains the information by the mother (23 chromosomes), so that when the sperm fects it, then the entireInformation generates a new being and has a 46 xx complement if she is a child, or 46, x and if she is a child.Therefore, sperm is the one who determines the sex of the baby, as it provides a chromosome and to form an x -chromosome to form a girl.

The ovules only contain an X chromosome, which at the time of meeting with the sperm, will form a boy (XY) or a girl (XX).In Turner's syndrome (45, x), a chromosome is missing, which can be from mom or dad, and the lack of information is what causes the clinical characteristics presented by girls and women with Turner syndrome.

How to know if your daughter has Turner syndrome?Turner's syndrome is characterized by low stature, all girls and women are very chaprites;Their ovaries do not work and therefore will never present the change from girls to women (gonadal dysgenesis), will have a absence of menstruation and children's body;Swollen hands and short neck.

Enfermedades Diarreicas

What can your daughter eat (or) if you have diarrhea?If your daughter (O) is less than six months, she continues with breast milk, or with the milk she takes in a usual way.

If it is greater than six months of age, it preferably gives the following foods: rice, soup, tortillas, cooked vegetables without peel (potato, carrot, broccoli), fruits without peel (apple, guava, pear, fig, peach), chicken andSkinless turkey, beef and cooked ham.

Can you give sports to your daughter or son to prevent dehydration?

No, sports drinks do not hydrate it when they have diarrhea, on the contrary, they can dehydrate it more.

Debes dar Vida Suero EITHERral para evitar que se deshidraten.

If your daughter (O) has intense thirst, numerous and abundant evacuations, fever for more than three days, frequent vomiting, blood in their evacuations or does not want to eat or drink liquids, take it to your nearest health center for them to attend it.

Recuerda: ¡Contra la diarrea y deshidratación, Vida Suero EITHERral es la solución!

Infecciones Respiratorias Agudas

What to do if your daughter (O) has a fever?If she has a fever, leave it with light clothes, you can give her a bath with warm water for 15 minutes so that the temperature returns to her normal level and manages the medication that your doctor has prescribed you to control the fever.If despite these measures your daughter (O) continues with a fever, take it immediately to your closest health unit!Do not self -medicate your child.

How to prevent children from getting sick from respiratory tract?If you or your daughter (or) have a respiratory infection, try to cough or sneeze, do it with the internal angle of the elbow or cover your nose and mouth with a disposable handkerchief.In this way you avoid contact with your hands.

Do not take it to crowded places or expose them to sudden changes in temperature.

Give them a lot.

¿Cómo prevenir los accidentes en el hogar?

Prevention of accidents at home in girls and boys under 10 years

What are accidents at home? They are those unexpected events that occur inside the house or in the surroundings of it (courtyards, gardens, garage or garage, roofs, among others) and that produces injuries with serious organic, mental and mental damage including death.

What are the most frequent home accidents in girls and boys under 10 years? Falls, burns, wounds, poisoning, drowning.

What contributes to a home accident in girls and boys under 10 years? Each stage of childhood involves different risk factors, in general, the natural curiosity to explore the environment, the desire to challenge new rules andApproval or acceptance by groupmates.

How to prevent accidents at home? Always go to your baby on your back.Do not leave only the child on high surfaces (beds, tables, chairs, stairs, roofs, windows, among others).Keep the slightest away from hot food, iron, plugs and stoves.Do not leave the child near places where there is water (tanks, tubs, buckets, pools, pools, sea, among others).Save medications and cleaning products in a high or locked place and never within reach of children.

Prevención del maltrato infantil

What is child abuse? It is all intentional, physical, sexual, psychological or negligent omission towards a minor before or after birth and that will affect its biopsychosocial integrity throughout life.How can I identify child abuse? Minors can present sudden changes in their behavior, learning problems, extremely retracted, passive or submissive.They have injuries, burns, bites, bruised eyes, dyslocated bones or inexplicatedly broken, bruises, machucones or other marks on the skin and shrink when an adult approaches them.They have difficulty walking or sitting, they refuse to participate in sports activities or change clothes for the gym, they usually have nightmares and some urinate in bed.The appetite changes them, they do not eat well, they demonstrate knowledge about sexuality that seem unusual or rare for their age, have some venereal disease, mainly in children under 14 years and usually escape from their home.

What can I do if I suspect a child is being mistreated?Go to your health unit to provide guidance.Come with state DIF personnel or the Minor Defense Attorney's Office.

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