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3 tricks to remove enamel stains on clothes without ruining your garments

By hollisterclothingoutlet 23/11/2022 501 Views

For some women painting our nails is a challenge, not only because we must have a good pulse, but also because somehow we end up escaping and dirty our favorite garments, not little not?If it happened to you, here I share 3 tricks to remove the spots of varnish in the clothes without ruining your garments.

Quitaesmalte is one of the favorite products to achieve perfect manicure or remove those layers of enamel.However, many times we buy anyone without looking at the ingredients that contain, for example, acetone, a substance that can be harmful to health when it is absorbed by the bloodstream through the skin, describes the agency for toxic substances and theDISEASE REGISTRATION (ATSDR).

Acetone tends to dry the nail cuticle, but it can also irritate the nose, throat, lungs and eyes, especially if you usually inhale it for a long time.The most advisable is to use it with prudence or get out of this ingredient enamel.

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3 trucos para quitar las manchas de esmalte en la ropa sin arruinar tus prendas

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An error that we usually make when spilling a little enamel on the clothes or furniture of the house is to spread it to try to clean it when it is still fresh, because all we achieve is to make the stain bigger, how should weto clean it?The best thing you can do is place some absorbent paper to remove excess enamel.

3 tricks to remove varnish spots on clothes without ruining your garments

1.Scrape the enamel when the stain is dry

As we told you, you should never try to clean the stain when it is still fresh.A good trick to eliminate that spot easily and without breaking our heads is to scrape the enamel when it is already dry, for this, you can help you a small spatula or even your tweezers to shave until you completely remove it, but be careful not to pull theClothing threads because you could break them.

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two.Use hydrogen peroxide to remove enamel stains on clothes

Surely you have heard that hydrogen peroxide is known for its ability to oxidize spots and eliminate them, especially blood stains, but what you didn't know is that it is also ideal to remove enamel stains from clothes without damaging it, right?

I recommend using this trick only in light colored garments, to avoid oxidizing the bright colors of your garments and give them.All you have to do is place some hydrogen peroxide on the stain and rub with a microfiber cloth for a couple of minutes, later, wash it as usual and ready, that stain comes out because it goes out!

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3.Use some removal in clothes, it is not damaged!

Absorb a bit of removal with the help of a swab or a cotton ball so as not to use more product than necessary.Cover the stain for 5 minutes, until the waste begins to detach, and wash it as you would normally do it.

Take into account that this trick is usually very effective in wool, cotton and silk garments.However, we do not recommend applying it in satin garments containing acetate because you could damage them.

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Tip: If you love to paint your nails, but you fear for your garments every time a little enamel is spilled, we recommend you wear old clothes when you decide decorate your nails, so if you stain you will not hurt you to ruin your favorite garment, but you can also placeA towel to support your hands and avoid dirtying your furniture like the armchair.

Now that you know how to eliminate the enamel stains from your clothes, what do you expect to apply these tricks!I'm sure you will love to recover your favorite clothes.

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