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A nativity scene with more than 300 playmobil clicks

By hollisterclothingoutlet 29/08/2022 613 Views

The residents of Villasbuenas, with the support of the City Council, want to place their town on the map of Christmas celebrations in the province of Salamanca, working tirelessly on the assembly of a large nativity scene made up of more than 300 playmobil figurines and a “Sea of ​​Galilee” with 1,000 liters of real water with floating buildings and a waterfall.

“It is a job that we are doing almost against the clock to have it ready for the inauguration (which will take place this Saturday), with the aim that it can be visited during all the festivities until Three Kings Day,” said the spokesperson for the neighbors and author of the original idea of ​​the assembly Benjamín García Domínguez.

A nativity scene with more than 300 clicks of playmobil

During these days the promoters of the project have been placing the different scenes that shape the more than 25 square meters of the nativity scene, using natural and recycled materials , as well as self-cultivation moss, in addition to the figures that "have not been bought for the occasion and to which several hours of work have been dedicated to each one of them to provide them with vintage clothing and plasticine accessories", says Benjamin Garcia.

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