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Animation studies: the 25 best animated studies in the world and their best films

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This company founded the bases of animated quality.Its creations (series, short films and feature films) are made with complete animation, with fine strokes and high details;However, he uses other methods such as rotoscopy, traditional animation, 2D, 3D, among others, adapting to the technologies of his context.

Among its more than 50 feature films stand out:

2.Pixar Animation Studios

It is the most renowned films study in the US, founded in 1986 by Steve Jobs.It has the highest grossing animated films of all time, being responsible for establishing the use of computerized animation.

Property of The Walt Disney Company, Pixar has produced short films, films, series, video games, commercial ads and other products, with income of up to $ 289.100 million (twenty05).Use digital animation through puppet, Ringmaster and Renderman, three animation systems for the development of their projects.

Pixar's most recognized films are:

3.Sony Pictures Animation

Created in twenty02, it is one of the most recent drawings, but with great success.In a short time, Sony's cartoon is among the best in the world, implementing traditional animation, 2D and 3D in its productions.

His most famous films are:

4.Illumination Entertainment

Founded in twenty07, this company owned by Universal Pictures implements digital animation through its productions, provided with humor and tender details of its characters and animation images of this company, features that place it among the most valued.

The following are distinguished from their films:

5.DreamWorks Animation

Among prestigious animated studies is this company, founded in 1994 by Steven Spielberg.This study of subsidiary drawings by Universal Pictures, has created famous renowned series and movies, generating income of more than $ 784 billion (twenty10).Of their animated films, generated mostly by 3D animation, they stand out:

6.Blue Sky

Founded in 1987 and dissolved in twentytwenty-one, it was another of the cartoon companies dependent on The Walt Disney Company responsible for creations with computerized animation, seen in commercials, series, short films and movies.

Among the famous creations of this drawing study are:

7.Warner Bros Animation

Born in 1980, she is the house of classic Warner studies drawings such as the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, with famous animators such as Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Richard Thompson, among others.It has generated all kinds of products in series and movies, deriving in fun anthropomorphic characters, animated scholars and, recently, including superheroes and famous games.

From its products generated by traditional, computerized animation, 2D and 3D, we have:

8.Cartoon Network Studios

Another of the most popular cartoon companies, specialized in generating content for the homonymous television channel.It was founded in 1994 as a division of the prestigious Hanna - Barbera Cartoons, Inc.Already as an independent study, it has produced series and short films turned into cartoon classics.

Of its products stand out:

The most recognized Japanese animation studies

Estudios de animación: los 25 mejores estudios animados del mundo y sus mejores películas

Along with US production, the Japanese anime study is among the most select of animated quality, a fact that manifests itself in the infinity of series and films produced by high -category anime studies.The best known are:

9.Studio Ghibli

It is the most prestigious anime study in the world, being founded in 1985 by Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki.Implementing 2D animation, the company generates products of extraordinary quality, mixing beauty and art in its recognized creations.

From its developers came magnificent productions such as:

10.Toei animation

Of the most famous animation studies worldwide, founded in 1956.It has extensive experience in the production of serials, short films and renowned films, carefully adapting the most popular Japanese sleeves.

Among his most popular creations are:


Another recognized anime study in the world, born in 1972.Of enormous impact on the world of anime, it has accumulated a huge amount of awards for its successful creations, ranging from serials, movies, video games, to complete franchises.

Of their most outstanding products, they are considered important:


Another renowned Japanese company was founded in 1972 in full boom of the Japanese anime.Its adaptations to the big screen and girl of the most followed sleeves by fans around the world are famous, as is the case of:


This Japanese producer has contributed greatly to the positioning of the Japanese industry in the world of animation.Created in 1998 by Masahiko Minami, Toshihiro Kawamoto Ykōji Ousaka, formerSunrise employees, this company charged notoriety in its country with the development of productions for film, television and streaming as:


Within Japanese anime universe,Gainax is among the most prestigious animated studies.It was founded in 1984, managing to climb quickly to reach the best of the animation industry, so its products have crossed the Japanese borders to reach everyone.

Their productions with the greatest commercial success are:


In this Top of Japanese animation studies this company created in 1979 could not be missing, whose projects taken to television, cinema, video games and streaming platforms have given revenues of more than 428 million yen.From its world -fame productions portfolio, they highlight:

The most important animation studies in Mexico

Within the animation industry promoted in Latin America, Mexico has taken crowded steps to enter the top of countries with better animated studies, generating own content or collaborating for world renowned companies.

16.Soul studies

Founded in twenty02, it is the most important Latin American study regarding animation.It develops content in digital animation for both television and cinema, and the films of Ánima studies are among the most popular in the region, managing to be transmitted outside the Aztec territory to gain international recognition.

From the films produced by Ánima studies and their television programs we have:

17.Cinema Ghost

Another famous Mexican animated study is this, which since twenty01 develops high -level content through the Stop Motion method, a traditional technique that has helped the producer to establish themselves within the industry.He has developed content for Cartoon Network, HBO and Nickelodeon, such as:

It also has its own jobs such as:

18.Exodus Animation Studios

Another Mexican animation house that was born in twenty06 in Guadalajara, from where they developed first -class projects for commercials, television chains and also short films, through the 3D animation technique.

Of their productions stand out:


Founded in twenty01, this animation house generates content for adult audiences through computerized animation, resulting in productions loaded with the characteristic humor of the Aztec country.His most famous creations are:

twenty.Mighty Animation

One of the animation studies that are among the most recognized in Latin America for their contributions in the development of 2D and 3D cartoon in outstanding television chains in the region.Created in twenty12, the company had boom in the industry for its quality in the contents, such as:

The outstanding animated industrial companies in Spain

Of course, within the Iberian territory there are animated studies with outstanding reputation both in Europe and in the rest of the world.Know the most popular animation studies in Spain:

twenty-one.Middle Kitchent

Created in twenty13, this producer develops 2D animation content and on computer, with venues both in Madrid and the Canary Islands, Buenos Aires and Mexico City, from where it develops projects for all audiences, such as:

22.Zinkia Entertainment

Born in twenty01 in Madrid, she is one of the most prestigious animated studies in Spain, developing content received by the general public, created from computer animation and 2D.He has achieved notoriety not only in Iberian lands, but in other regions of the world, thanks to productions of his authorship such as:


Conceived more than a decade in the Canary Islands, this animation study has great renown in the animation industry, with a wide range of customers that use its creations of excellent quality.Thanks to computer animation, 2D and 3D,Capcub has created content such as:

24.Paramotion Films

Founded in twenty06 in Madrid, this producing house specializes in developing productions within animation and VFX, techniques that generate numerous creations within the commercial, television and cinematographic field.From your productions list we can mention:

25.Illion Animation Studios

We close this list of better animated studies in the world with this prestigious company, created in twenty02 in Madrid and that since twentytwenty, it is called Skydance Animation Madrid.This company uses computer animation for the production of videogames, series, short films, feature films and collaborations for other national and international producers, so it has gained international merit for the extraordinary execution of its creations that receive valuation of criticism and the public generally.Among its contents are:

And with his next releases such as:

Many of the television and cinematographic productions that have fun generations of fans were created in these animation studies, which positioned themselves as the most famous in the industry for their products, recognized worldwide.Whether pioneers in the area or recent foundation, these animated studies are at the top of entertainment, innovating and developing content through different animation techniques that result in television series and films of enormous popularity and prestige, several of themNominated for prestigious awards, winners of world -fame festivals and awards and, in turn, converted into commercial successes.

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