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19 little -known secrets that even "Harry Potter" fans may not know about movies of the movies

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The "Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban" costume designer wanted the characters to choose their own clothes

Jany Temime, una diseñadora de vestuario galardonada que creó los looks desde “Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban” hasta “Harry Potter y las reliquias de la muerte: parte 2”, tenía una visión claramente moderna de los atuendos.19 secretos poco conocidos que incluso los fans de “Harry Potter” pueden no saber sobre los vestuarios de las películas 19 secretos poco conocidos que incluso los fans de “Harry Potter” pueden no saber sobre los vestuarios de las películas

“I thought we should not do it at all as‘ Christmas story ’, which we should do it very urban.Very accessible to children, for teenagers, ”Temime told Insider."We should dress Harry and boys like themselves".

In "The prisoner of Azkaban" he introduced Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) wearing Muggy clothes, such as jeans and sweatshirts.

Some Hogwarts students were also shown wearing their uniforms with pants, shirts and loose ties.

For its version of the Hogwarts uniforms, Temime was based on the classic image of a witch riding a broom

In the background, the sensitivity of Temime's design revolved around "doing something slightly magical".

Based on the classic image of a witch riding a broom, she included hoods sewn on robes and used fabrics in a "mysterious, dark" palette.

Hogwarts uniforms were the most expensive sets of producing

Hogwarts uniforms - who incorporated silk ties and wool sweaters - was the most expensive costumes to produce in the “Harry Potter” movies, according to Temime.

Due to the large volume of uniforms necessary to dress all students, the price increased.

Quidditch uniforms were inspired by rugby and football clothing

When Harry and his classmates play Quidditch, they use special uniforms, just like Muggles athletes.

In an interview with Fashionista.com, Temime said his designs of Quidditch robe were inspired by Rugby and American Football of Real Life.

"I wanted to use a rugby element or football much more," he said.“The (robes) of Quidditch were incredible, very, very, very beautiful, but very light.It was four months of work ".

Temime loved to design the costumes of the villains of "Harry Potter", especially that of Bellatrix Lestrange

"Harry Potter" presents multiple memorable villains, and Temime loved to design all his looks.His favorite to dress was Bellatrix Letrange (Helena Bonham Carter).

Temime gave life to the famous deadly with leather corset and layers of washes washed, dyed and embroidered.

“She is such a bad woman;But (Bonham Carter) is incredible and she really did something with that, ”she told Insider.

"We love the villains and Bellatrix is fantastic," he added.

Voldemort robe was composed of five different types of silk

Temime worked with Ralph Fiennes, who played Lord Voldemort, to make sure his costumes wave properly in the flight scenes.

19 secretos poco conocidos que incluso los fans de “Harry Potter” pueden no saber sobre los vestuarios de las películas

She told Insider that her wardrobe consisted of five types of silk of several pesos.The components of the Fiennes tunic were also dyed individually so that all the pieces were complementary.

Voldemort costumes also presented green elements to represent the Slytherin house

Instead of dressing it from black to head, Temime made Voldemort outfits stand out with green elements from Slytherin, a reference to his house of Hogwarts.

As explained during a 2016 interview with “Binge” from Entertainment Weekly, black was too common for the most infamous villain in the saga.Instead, he booked completely black costumes for his lackeys, the deadly.

According to a video on the official YouTube channel of the Wizarding World, Voldemort's costumes in the final film of "Harry Potter" consisted of seven tones of green to coincide with the seven horrocruxes.

While Harry and others destroyed them one by one, a tone of their disguise disappeared and the colors began to fade.

The appearance of deadly was designed to be terrifying and glamorous

Mortifagos, the faithful followers of Voldemort, are a group of threatening characters in the saga.

Temime said to Entertainment Weekly in 2016 that his black tunics with hood and silver masks were designed to be "terrifyingly beautiful".

Los conjuntos rosados ​​de la profesora Umbridge incorporaron mohair, lana suave y piel de conejo

The pink suits of Professor Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton) contrasted with her malevolent personality.

To achieve this juxtaposition, Temime incorporated soft tissues such as mohair, wool and rabbit skin in its sets.

He also designed several accessories with cats for the feline -loving character, including a scarf with a three -dimensional cat head.

Staunton wanted Umbridge to have a more round body type, so the design team created padded costumes

Although it is difficult to ignore the cheerful growl and the acute vocal inflection of Staunton, you may not realize that you requested padded costumes to add an extra to its interpretation of Umbridge.

“(Imelda Staunton) I wanted to be fatter, so we had to build something in his (costume).I wanted to have a very fat butt, because I wanted to walk like Pata Daisy, ”Temime told Cosmopolitan in 2017.

The majestic Dumbledore tunics were made of dyed fabric

In a 2017 interview with Hellogiggles, Temime pointed out that the costumes of the Hogwarts director, Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon), was one of the simplest looks designed.

His majestic robes were made of green and violet cloth of light.

"I immediately knew what was going to be.I immediately knew the aesthetics, the embroidery that wanted to put.I knew quite fast, quite naturally, ”he said.

Evanna Lynch helped design the extravagant Luna Lovegood jewelry

Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch), a Ravenclaw characterized by her uncommon style, uses characteristic accessories ranging from spectropas (lenses that reveal invisible creatures) to a necklace made with corks of butter beer.

Temime told Insider that she and Lynch collaborated to create most moon jewels.But there was an article that Lynch made herself: the iconic brain -shaped earrings.

Lynch also helped make Gryffindor's hat shaped by Lion de Luna

In "Harry Potter and the mystery of the prince", Luna attends a Quidditch match with a lion -shaped hat to encourage Gryffindor's team.

As with his character's jewels, Lynch was associated with Temime to design the accessory.

“I said:‘ You are a fan, you like Ron, so in the next Quidditch game I want you to have a lion mask ’;And she said: ‘Ok’ and she started doing it with me, ”Temime told Cosmopolitan.In 2017.

“She spent her free time in the costume department.He loved it! ”He added.

Beauxbatons blue uniforms were inspired by the Royal France Flag

Students from two foreign magic schools - the Beauxbatons Academy in southern France and the Durmstrang Institute in northern Europe - visit Hogwarts in “Harry Potter and the fire chalice” to compete in the Tournament of the Three Magi.

It is no accident that the Beauxbatons uniform, a silk dress accompanied by a matching chal and a felt hat, be blue.

"I am French myself, so I thought: I'm going to use blue because this is the color of the real flag of France," Temime told Insider.

Durmstrang is located in northern Europe and its uniforms pay tribute to Russian folklore

In contrast to the airy costumes used by Beauxbatons students, Surmstrang's magicians use a heavy combination of crimson robes, leather hats and leather layers.

Temime told Insider that he based these designs on the iconography of Russian folklore.

Hermione's delicate Christmas dance dress contrasted with her strong personality

The trick to create Hermione's Christmas dance dress - an impressive pink dress with cascaded fabric layers - was to balance innocence and glamor.

"I wanted something completely fragile, very similar to a flower, very delicate," Temime told Insider, noting that the female dress was designed to counteract Hermione's stubborn personality.

Grint was willing to use a ridiculous robe for Christmas dance

When Ron receives his gala robe for Christmas dance, he is horrified because he is full of flyers.But unlike the character he plays, Grint was willing to use the ridiculous garment.

In fact, Temime continued adding lace and additional braids to the tunic to make it even more exaggerated.

“At first, I made it a bit silly;And then, when I put it on, I realized that Rupert (Grint) could take it as an actor, so much that I had to make it even more silly, ”he told Insider.

Radcliffe did not participate so much in the costume design process

Radcliffe was less involved in the costume design process, compared to other cast members, according to Temime.

“A (Daniel) nunca le gustó la ropa”, dijo a InStyleIn 2017."It was always good with what I was giving him".

She pointed out in the same interview that Grint seemed to have a greater sense of fashion as her co -star.

Fred and George were dressed in coordinated, but not identical costumes

The identical twin brothers of Ron, Fred and George (James and Oliver Phelps), are heart jokes.

But Temime resisted making his outfits completely combine.

"I never dressed them the same, but complementary.Then, they always had a difference, you know, as if they dressed in red and blue or blue and red, ”Temime told Insider.

Other similar but not identical changing rooms included shirts with horizontal and vertical stripes;and ties in different colors that combined well.

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