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Baby Biblical Shower: Everything to receive the baby

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Special prayers, readings and gifts are part of a biblical baby shower.In this article, we give you advice on how to organize one, declaring the word of God.

Baby Biblical Shower

A Baby Shower in general is a celebration among friends with future parents.Who gather to welcome the baby that is about to be born.

Now, if we talk about the modality of a biblical baby shower, it is because those who meet, mostly are believers.So that, what could vary from a biblical baby shower with the traditional.

It is that during the ceremony prayers are made, in addition to imparting blessings to the baby in his mother's belly, declaring the Word of God in the Bible.In this way the baby from the belly will feel the power when praying, and prayer for children, it is a habit that must be cultivated.

Upon entering this link you will learn about how important it is to instruct children in prayer.Since through it the children from an early age establish an intimate communion with God, which will be reflected in their lives and in the relationship with their family environment.

In this holiday in general, it is also customary that attendees carry tender and beautiful gifts for newborn babies.Similarly, sandwiches, sweets, fruits, drinks are shared, among other snacks that concurrent to the celebration want or have to carry.

A baby shower in the Bible?

While the Baby Shower celebration is not a biblical party, however, from the point of view of the blessings and gifts received by the new creature.We can imagine that, in the creation of man, Adam was received with the best of Baby Shower that may have been made in the whole history of the world.

Remember that when God created Adam, he had already prepared a true paradise.A paradise where Adam would live with the best gifts and blessings that any creature could receive.

Even a paradise in which there was no sin and where the presence of God was walking through him, how wonderful!God as Father and Creator completed the Baby Shower Biblical of Eden, giving Adam the great blessing of his ideal help, Eva.

The woman was then created to share the blessings and gifts of Paradise with the man, Adam.Learn more about them entering here, Adam and Eve: the first couple of humans in creation.

Adam and Eve represent the origin of humanity, man and woman were created by God in his image and likeness when he carried out creation.As stated in the Scriptures in the book of Genesis.

On this occasion we will share some tips to organize a biblical baby shower, declaring the word of God.But before, let's see where the habit of organizing this type of celebration comes from.

Where does the custom of Baby Shower come from?

Baby Biblical Shower: Todo para recibir el bebé

The custom of organizing and celebrating a baby shower comes from the United States of America.Hence, its name is in English and that, when the local tradition expands to other nations, it has been chosen in those of Hispanic language for adopting the anglicism of Baby Shower.

The literal translation of Baby Shower into Spanish is a baby shower, which could have a practical meaning of: bath for the baby or rain for the baby.According to this translation and according to the objective of the American custom, the meaning of the baby's shower or baby's gift bath would then save.

An idea that perhaps arose in its origins with the intention of providing material aid to future parents for raising the baby's first stage.With respect to Baby Shower Biblical, a rain of blessings would be added to the original objective, by proclaiming the word of God in the life of the baby that is about to be born.

It would then be not only helping future parents with material provision, but also the baby would soon be born to be born with the spiritual provision that comes from God.As for the celebration of Baby Shower, this one has also acquired other name -name alternatives in some Spanish -speaking countries, such as: birth party, basket tea, diapers party, prenatal celebration, among others.

But the most often used in most societies is the one that refers to the English denomination, "Baby Shower".

How to organize a Bible Baby Shower?

If you are in the sweet wait and with your husband they make up a believing marriage that embraces faith in Christ Jesus.You may then plan to celebrate a baby shower in spiritual tone and based on faith.

If so, the celebration of the prompt arrival of the baby must be planned with the care that everything saves a harmony with the spiritual style and environment.The prenatal party must include prayer of thanks, blessings and passages of tickets or biblical quotes.

In this sense there must be a previous preparation not only in terms of decoration, convince and others.But it must also be prayed by the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, because this is the essence of any celebration in a Christian environment.

To be the same Holy Spirit of the Lord who, of guidance in terms of prayers, blessings and the words of God to be proclaimed during the Biblical Baby Shower.This party prior to the baby's birth is also usually planned by family or close friends of future parents.

Being a way of entertaining the couple or an opportunity to honor and give thanks for the blessing of God that they will conceive.

Some tips that can be applied to organize it

In this sense, either being planned by future parents themselves or by friends and family of these.That is why we share below some tips that can be applied when organizing a biblical baby shower.


So that the decoration of physical space goes in line with the celebration of Baby Shower and specifically biblical.You can choose images of passages from the Bible, preferably that you contain the characters with children's faces.

Example of these images are those that usually appear in the Bibles for Children.As for the stories of the Bible, an option would be to choose Noah's ark.For representing a second chance of God for his creation.

But also the decoration can be done only based on biblical quotes with children's, angelic and tender edges in pastel tones.

Lista de invitados y tarjetas de invitación

This aspect is extremely important when calculating the amount of food, desserts and drinks that will be offered during the celebration.And, if Baby Shower is planning friends and family of marriage that will be entertained.

The most advisable thing is to take into account the couple's opinion, prior to the elaboration of the guest list.In order to know who the people they want to attend are.

Once the guest list for the event is defined, the invitation cards are designed.Invitation cards must harmonize with the defined design for decoration.Also a beautiful idea is to write in them in addition to the invite, words with some appropriate biblical promises for the occasion.

If you want to have some of them at hand, you can enter the article: biblical promises that are waiting for you.In which you will find a good classification of promises of God's blessing for his people.

Definir el menú de comidas y bebidas

Depending on the budget that is counted, you can plan if a tasting menu or only snacks, desserts and beverages will be offered in the Baby Baby Shower.An idea is to prepare a good size table with the same decoration of the environment and the printed on the cards.

On this table, trays with sweet cookies, salty snacks, tartlets, creams, cheeses, cakes, among others, among others, can be placed.Place in the same way a beautiful and delicate dishes, so that at the time that the protocol opens the eating, the guests can be served personally to their liking.

Fuente de los recursos

The fort of economic resources to execute the organization of Baby Shower can be very varied.Above all, depending on those who will organize the event, because if the future parents are properly, they will surely be the sponsors.

But if the organization is on account of family and friends, everyone can contribute something to the event.Or it may also be just the relatives of sponsors or source of resources.

Lista de regalos

There are cases of Baby Shower that style like some weddings to develop a list of gifts for the baby and place it inside the invitation.Usually in the list of gifts for the baby, the items that the baby or those that parents have not yet bought are placed..

However, then we place those most generally needed by a baby.As well as what is mostly used to give to a newborn:

Verses for a Bible Baby Shower

It now plays a selection of biblical verses that can be used for the decoration of the prenatal entertainment.These can also be placed in the invitations or even some of them can be used to develop, with the guide of the Holy Spirit, the discourse or the speeches that are proclaimed in the Biblical Baby Shower.

A Prayer for Baby Shower Biblical

This is the most important part in a Bible Baby Shower, because if some believers meet with the aim of celebrating a soon birth.The first thing that must be done in consecrating that moment to God and that it is his Holy Spirit that is expressed during the celebration.

So that in the protocol of the event it must be placed as a first point to make a prayer of thanks and praise to God.In the same way the ceremony must be closed, praising the heavenly father through prayer:

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