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The history of the entrepreneur who decided to raffle her business no more crying the end of a cycle

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Rossana Michelson (62), owner of the Baby Emporio online Store, says he wants to have a "quieter" life.Chemistry engineer by profession and retired two years ago, she has decided that, after almost two decades concerned with her business - who saw birth, expand, fall and grow again - she must "let it fly".

Liquidating everything and closing was never option."There is an emotional issue, of not wanting to let go," he acknowledges.Yes he thought about selling it;She had several offers, but those interested already had other businesses in the field: “More than making a person enlarged more, he wanted to look for someone who really needs to undertake.I want to leave my store in the hands of someone to value it and who need to arise ”.

Therefore, in less than two more months, Rossana Michelson will draw the baby's emporium in a raffle.

"Those who buy a number are not people who have a tremendous ambition," he says about the reason to opt for this particular way to transfer their business.Some time ago he read in the news about a house in Pucón that was offered as a main prize in a raffle, and now he believes that perhaps among all participants there is someone who decides to follow the business and share his mystique: “It may not be as I hope, but if I start thinking negative, I do nothing poh '.How am I going to have such bad luck? ”.

The initial goal is to sell 2.500 numbers at $ 10,000 each.Whoever wins will obtain the right of keys from the store: the exclusive use of the registered trademark, website in operation, stock of products ready for sale - saved at $ 5 million -, cell phone number associated with the store more than 10 years ago, portfolio of suppliers, client portfolio, supplies for the preparation of gifts, nic of the site and commercial advice that she will lend for three months.On the store website you can buy the numbers and see the legal bases to participate.

If 2 are not sold.500 numbers, Rossana thinks Rifar Emporio del Baby anyway among those who have participated."I'm not interested in becoming a millionaire.I mean, I don't have the money left over, I have had a bad time.But I want.

La historia de la emprendedora que decidió rifar su negocio No más llanto El fin de un ciclo

When he titled as an engineer, in the 80s, Rossana Michelson's great goal was to work in northern Chile, in the mining area.“At that time the women were very bad there, because they allegedly gave bad luck to the mine.It cost me a lot to find work.In fact, I didn't find, ”he recalls.

Forced to return to Santiago, here he got various jobs, first in a bank and then in clinics.Shortly after starting working in this last item, he realized that there was no visitor who did not arrive with a bouquet of flowers for the patient he was going to see.His first venture, then, was a flower shop, but not a conventional one: Rossana decided that his business would be completely online.It was 2001, and after giving up his work, he left making floral arrangements in his house's bath while he was raising his three children and took care of the house.

But, unlike now, 20 years ago their potential clients did not dare to take the passage to digital and there was much distrust in the idea of buying through the Internet, so he endedLas Condes.

Más sobre Transformadores LT

As the years passed, without getting tired of observing and rethinking ideas, he realized that people no longer wanted to reach a hospital room with a gift that in a few days was going to wither.Looking for something more functional, and with the value that family has for her and the arrival of a bus at a home, she decided to create an baby's emporium.

At first I was traveling to Buenos Aires to buy the latest trends in children's clothing and brought the garments to Chile to sell them.Then it began to bring others from England.Although the designs were novel and exclusive, their prices ceased to be competitive: it was too expensive to bring an international product.What was initially the resale of foreign clothing, over the years it became a national work chain and manufacturing that evolved to what it is today.

Sales grew and grew.Most of the purchases of the page were by companies that made corporate gifts, but with the arrival of the social outbreak, in 2019, this movement stopped drastically.While Rossana tried to lift her business, she cut the fabrics to cut budget and juggle to deal with the crisis, the pandemic arrives to stay.The clothing preparation was not essential and the production stagnated until it was practically without stock and without sales.

“One day I said:‘ no more cry ’.I went to the municipality and asked for help.They put an advisor, they made a more friendly website and helped me in everything, ”he recalls.He began to do all the courses that put at his disposal and, at that time, the confinement became a space of creativity and reinvention that resulted in the resurgence of the baby's emporium.“Sometimes, whole days spent cutting and cutting genre.But you know what?He was entertaining.I do not change anything, because I am what I am for everything that has touched me ”.

Mirta Polanco, 76, who sews - preies to garment - more than 90% of what can be found in the baby's emporium catalog, has his workshop in the back of his house in the commune of Cerro Navia.Rossana Michelson arrives there to start saying goodbye to the place where, for 18, the parts that gave rise to Emporio del Baby have joined.

The space, about 20 square meters, has large inns with measured huinchas, old industrial sewing machines and heavy steel scissors to cut gender.Until now, Rossana and Mirta worked as follows: one quoted and bought the fabrics, cut them and took them to the workshop so that the garments take shape.Once the parts were joined, Rossana wore the tiny enteritos, hats, jackets and blankets to another place to embroider and stamp to have the final product.Then, in boxes that he ordered to design, he fixed the clothing sets for newborns.

In the workshop, while remembering the good times - and the bad ones too - both talk about the uncertainty of not knowing what hands the work will remain that both have shared and enjoyed for years.For Rossana there are things that matter more than others: “For me, and I say it from the heart, it is super important that Mrs. Mirta is fine.She has been a fundamental pillar in every field, as a person she has been unpayable and professionally.Much of what I achieved I owe it to her, ”he says.

Mirta, meanwhile, says she will make the decision to continue, or not, when she knows the winner.

In two weeks, Rossana Michelson will finish her link with Emporio del Baby, but she is far from retiring from the slopes.A few years ago he made two Master related to family mediation and now wants to venture into that, a new passion that will begin to cultivate at age 62: to contribute from the professional to the dialogue between the members of the family.


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