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Catalunya approves the use of the Covid passport for bars, restaurants and gyms

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The Generalitat de Catalunya has approved to expand the use of the COVID-19 certificate due to the increase in infections.If it is now required to access the discos, the Executive Council of the Government, gathered on Tuesday, has also endorsed imposing it to enter bars, restaurants, gyms and residences of seniors.Before its entry into force, scheduled for Friday and for fifteen days, the measure must be validated by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

The Judicial Varapalo to the Covid passport in Euskadi leaves other communities in the fight against the sixth wave

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The objective of the Government is that this extension of the use of the COVID-19 passport serves to "reduce the risks of infections" and "avoid the overload of the health system" without having to adopt for now new restrictions of afor and schedules.This has been argued by Patrícia Plaja, spokesman for the Government, who has also defended that greater generalization of the certificate will also encourage vaccination among which at this point they still reject it.

If justice ends up being approved this new measure, Catalunya would become the community with a more widespread use of the certificate.It would be necessary to access bars, restaurants, gyms, certain sports centers, elderly residences and also, as until now, in discos and in social events with dance that are held indoors indoors.In the case of Geriatric.

In the field of hospitality, what is known for now is that the demand will be only for the interior of bars and restaurants, not on the terraces.On other possible details, for example if asked based on the premises of the premises, the fringes are just finalizing at a procicat meeting, the Generalitat agency that manages the pandemic.

Catalunya aprueba el uso del pasaporte COVID para bares, restaurantes y gimnasios

The Government, and especially the Department of Health, had been considering how to extend the use of the certificate.The Minister Josep Maria Argimon has already made clear that they would prioritize the use of this accreditation against new schedules and afor restrictions in this sixth wave of Covid-19 and that they were going to do it before the December bridge.

Catalunya is currently one of the autonomous communities with the highest incidence of Coronavirus, with 186 cases per 100.000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, only surpassed by Navarra, Basque Country and Aragon.The cases have multiplied in the last month and those hospitalized by Coronavirus already exceed 500-119 of them, in the ICU–.

The judicial guarantee to this most generalized use of the passport is for now an unknown.In the Basque Country, the judges knocked down the intention of applying it in hospitality and nightlife for considering that the restriction of fundamental rights implies was not properly justified.In Catalonia, however, the precedent is the requirement of the certificate in the discos, a measure that did support the TSJC.

It was on October 7 when the TSJC Administrative Chamber concluded that this was a "ideal" measure to avoid the propagation of the virus.Especially when discounted and other nightclubs of closed spaces, with a lot of social interaction and short distance between people.They also considered the magistrates who were "proportional" action, since these establishments remained closed for a long time.

Resignation of hoteliers;geriatric applause

The first reactions to the announcement of the Government have been disparate depending on the sector.The Barcelona Restoration Guild has "resignation" the new requirement to access its premises and has requested that it be definitely "replacement" of schedule restrictions and afor that may consider in the future, "completely unassumable at the moment,"As his president Roger Pallerols has declared.

In addition, the guild spokesman has argued that, if the objective of the measure is to encourage vaccination, it should extend to many other sectors."It should also be demanded in shopping centers, tasting establishments, cultural equipment, etc.."He has claimed.

The employer of residences of greater acra, on the other hand, has celebrated a measure that they had been claiming for weeks."It is a measure widely claimed by the sector, we believe that it is in good direction and should allow us to anticipate a possible worsening of the pandemic situation," said Montserrat Llopis, director of the Association.He has also asked that he affects not only visits, but the geriatic professionals themselves, but this is not on the Government's table now.

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