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Gaines chip cuts hair to raise funds for St. Jude

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Mangas de chip tiene una nueva apariencia, y la razón detrás de ella es extremadamente importante.Chip Gaines se corta el pelo para recaudar fondos para St. Jude Chip Gaines se corta el pelo para recaudar fondos para St. Jude

The HGTV star cut, in fact, shaved his hair, which had grown to his shoulders, to enjoy it.STOR RESEARCH HOSPITAL.Jude, which offers free treatment and support for children with cancer and their families.

Gaines promised Monday to cut donations for his cause.He fulfilled his promise on Friday, with his wife and superior fixative co -starring Joanna and Bailey, a 16 -year -old cancer patient whom he met in 2017, by his side.(The locks will also go to beneficial organizations, since the non -profit organization children with hair loss makes them a wig for children into cancer treatment).

"And so ... Come on! He wrote on social networks.«It is worth it if that means that more children are taking care of @stjude.So let's keep this until midnight.Touch this video to donate.Hey, @cwhl_org, my hair is on its way to you!#ChipinForshus ".

Chip Gaines se corta el pelo para recaudar fondos para St. Jude

The Network Magnolia even captured the great moment in a video for Instagram.

"I have many feelings," Gaines said after leaving the stylist's chair."All emotions".

And it is not surprising: Friday morning, Gaines had raised more than $ 320,000 for his efforts.Donations for fundraising are always accepted online during the weekend.

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The television personality has helped ST.Jude in the past.Raised $ 230,000 for another haircut in 2017.Two years later, Gaines raised $ 998,000.He and Joanna also helped renew the house dining room for hospital patients and their families, called Target House, and also revealed a game house for them.

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