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Concha Velasco: his best moments in TVE

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# The end

# of the summer

# arrived

# and you will leave. #

"Now that we casiest saying the summer

and we will start the fall,

we want to recover the program

and the movie that we could not broadcast last March,

when everything stopped hitting the pandemic. "

# these gray days of autumn ... #

"Hopefully the autumn is more favorable

than what was the last spring."

"# The Red Cross girls,

# Spring girlfriends,

# opened their hearts singing,

# singing,

# and find loves ...# "

< P># spring in the flap,

# spring in the garden,

# and spring in the sky,

# of the heart of Madrid ... #

Thus the song continued. -cn-hongkong.aliyuncs.com/drawing/article_results_6/2022/26/e8873FE49AA8703CB6742D9A6F4331E4.JPEG "ALT =" CONCHA VELASCO: YOUR BEST MOMENTS IN TVE "TITLE I oment in tve ">

passes ,

The criticism said "The girls of the Red Cross"

supposed the appearance of a new Spanish comedy,

that showed a Madrid in Technicolor

and that served as promotion of a Spain

that wanted the postwar period. No-do. of the Red Cross',

is directed by Rafael Salviay is a chief operator Alejandro Ulloa. Film sequences,

surprised in full filming. "

" Of course, baby little, you dance little, you get bored a lot ...

is that I take myself The life seriously.

And that is from birth Can you cure? of old age. P>

-The natural among companions, and to see if you do less tourism. It also includes some scenes

that reflect a fiestacelebrada in the moral. "

" Everyone applauds you, everyone speaks you, you are the man of the day,

the The world's biggest goalkeeper, León, you are a genius. of the tape,

improvised flat for our cameras. "

" But well!

-The pa 'What will we see later. /p>

of different social states that,

on Red Cross Day, coincide as applicants,

that was said then.

those four girls, They were interpreted by Mabel Karar,

Katia Loritz, Luz Márquezy a servant, Conchita Velasco.

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