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Daniela Darcourt launches her own clothing line: "It's a new adventure for me"

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Daniela Darcourt returned strongly to the music scene, since in May she premiered her most recent theme "You were wrong with me" and became one of the coaches of the La Voz Peru Talent program.In parallel, the young artist was working on her own clothing line and has just announced the launch of her Over the Moon brand.

Through her social networks, the interpreter of "Lord Lie" expressed her joy for the recent entrepreneurship and even wore some of the garments that she has available in her virtual store.

“A few days ago I asked them to follow a page that was going to be from now on for me (Over The Moon).That page carries some beautiful and wonderful sets, which I have dared to put them so that you have them, ”said the Salasera on Instagram.

Daniela Darcourt lanza su propia línea de ropa: “Es una nueva aventura para mí”

“It is the first time I do this and I am very happy, it is a new adventure for me and of course, I thank you for your support...Thanks for giving so much love to this project.They acquire their own and earn me to see if they liked it ”, added.

Daniela Darcourt announces tour in the United States

Daniela Darcourt returns strongly to the stage and is already scheduled in a tour in the United States from Wednesday, July 28.

“My people, it was time to see us again.It has been many months outside the stage and I can't believe that we will soon sing together again.I am happy because with the blessing of God and my saints I will be in the United States enjoying my people, my musicians, my friends with the tour that is me.I want and dying to see them all! ”, He wrote on his social networks.

Daniela Darcourt, latest news:

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