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Are you always stained when using white?This you must do to carry the color without failing

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Style Tipsel Blanco is the ideal color for summer and you have to learn to carry it with style (to avoid spots and worship looks).

By Paloma González

In the world there are two groups of people: those who look very cool when using white (such as Steve McQueen, Jay Gatsby, in the version of Leonardo DiCaprio, and the Italian men), and those who cannot use it because they always end up stainedo Looking like cult members or children on their way to their first communion.

But the truth is that, if you are from the second group, there are some tricks that can help you be part of the first and take the best color of the summer with a lot of style and without dying in the attempt.

Putting on a couple of white pants can be seen very cool, it gives you a relaxed, carefree and somewhat retro air if you do well, in addition, the white shirts are the basic that combines with each and every one of the garments of your closet and thatYou can carry throughout the year, and James Dean already made it very clear that there is nothing sexier than a white tshirt that looks perfect, and the All White look can also be perfect, but you must take into account that clothesBlanca is a magnet of the spots and you can see fatal if the details are not correct, so you must choose with intelligence.

It is not the end of the world to make mistakes, but you can end up using a very transparent garment (and nobody wantsThey use white.

¿Siempre te manchas al usar blanco? Esto debes hacer para llevar el color sin fracasar

When using white you can look elegant, sophisticated and fresh (especially if you wear a linen suit to a wedding day), with white sneakers you cannot fail (unless you are the one who dirty them with the first set and do not haveThe habit of cleaning them regularly) and having a good collection of basics in this color and their different ranges (cream, bone, off White, etc ...) is the key to a perfect closet, but how do you make sure you look good andthat do not end with the evidence of your breakfast on the chest, sleeves or legs?There are some simple tricks.

Know your limits

If you are from the club of those who cannot use white because they always get dirty, then you need to know your limits, if coffee always falls, you stain with food or you will go somewhere full of dangers, it is better to stay away fromthey.In that case you can choose only a white garment and combine with other darker, or you can wear your white pants, but knowing that you will probably not have to avoid sauces, colorful drinks and grass.

Get ready

There are already instant detergents that you can buy in the supermarket to eliminate the spots at the time, so you should always load with one in your pocket.And if you don't have one of those, a good tip is to take table salt, a clean fabric and cold water to eliminate the stain (remember that you should never carve).

Standing or sitting?

No, it does not mean that you have to stand and motionless all day, you should simply pay attention to your environment.If you bring white pants, you must make sure that the place where you go to sit is not a danger of spots, it is not a good idea to recharge in suspicious walls.

The white suit, on the correct occasion

A white suit can be a great ally for formal day events and in hot climates, but you must take care of the occasion (for example, you should not use one in the baptism of your nephew, because you risk the same).The white suit also looks better when it is linen, but you have to know that it is going to fill with wrinkles at the time you feel.

Think of a plan B

Do you know what you are stained and that it is inevitable?Well then it carries something to cover the evidence, be it a light jacket, an overlap, a sweater or a paliacate to put around the neck and that you can use so that it does not seem that you are hiding something.

Take risks

Everything is in the attitude, so, if you are going to wear white pants, take them with your head up and with confidence, and stop escaping what can stain, that you will only lead you to make mistakes.

All White, with style

As a general rule, pants must have a little space, whether you use jeans or a more formal pair, since the most tight styles are less favoring and you can see transparent.In addition, your Tshirt must be perfectly clean and without wrinkles and tennis must be shiny.If you are going to wear shoes, choose colors in coffee, honey or other light tones.

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