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ALIEXPress gives free courses on electronic commerce so that self -employed sell more online

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Electronic commerce is a business opportunity to take into account for self -employed who wish to expand their business.One of the most successful platforms, the Chinese giant Aliexpress offers Spanish entrepreneurs to sell their products hundreds of thousands of potential customers.Therefore, this Marketplace presented Aliexpress Navigator that, through expert users in our country, will teach free courses and tools to achieve success on its platform.However, those self -employed who are considering selling online on this type of websites must assess various aspects detailed below.

Aliexpress Marketplace accepts both companies and self -employed.Its model is very similar to that offered by other sales websites such as Amazon.Thanks to this type of portals, the Computer can find thousands of products classified by categories.Services for which self -employed and entrepreneurs must pay a commission to the platform.However, Aliexpress advantage is that there are no monthly sales fees or for opening or closing the business account.

On the other hand, self -employed who decide to undertake on this platform must pay between 5% and 8% of each sale, depending on the product category.Also, each business can have up to six different accounts to diversify their business and in each one can sell up to 3.000 products.

If an autonomous wants to attach to this platform, you must certify its activity through the 036 and 037 models of the Treasury.You will also have to create an account in Aliexpress and, subsequently, choose the name of the store, attach the relevant fiscal and banking information, and wait for the review of your application and registration, which generally takes 2 to 3 working days.In case of denial, the platform will send an email of rejection to the self -employed.In addition, the business has to hire a transport or messaging service to send its products to customers.

Platform experts offer free training programs for Spanish freelancers

 AliExpress regala cursos gratuitos sobre comercio electrónico para que los autónomos vendan más por internet

The Aliexpress platform announced at a press conference that it will invest a million euros this year to train the self -employed and small business of Spain through different free courses and tools for positioning and practices in electronic commerce.

"Throughout the pandemic, the rise of electronic commerce led small and medium enterprises throughout the country to accelerate their digitalization processes," said Estela Ye, executive director of Aliexpress in Spain.In this sense, the freelancers who began using the platform grew more than 100% in 2020 compared to 2019, reaching the figure of 8.000 businesses at the Asian Marketplace.

Therefore, the platform has created, within its Aliexpress Bussines program, a series of courses or programs so that self -employed who want to start their journey in digital trade, triumph.Specifically, the executive director presented Aliexpress Navigator, a program created in Spain in which sellers of the platform are certified to form the different shops in our country.

This program aims to promote simple and close learning to the real business needs.Through the tutors designated by Aliexpress, self -employed will learn to position their products within the platform, from the high product to obtaining Calve words, as well as additional actions to achieve the greatest success of the business.

And is that one of the keys to succeed in electronic commerce is the optimization of the account and its positioning.It is important to invest in this aspect if you want to compete on the Internet since, currently, the digital market is globalized.By means.In this sense, the platform experts will seek that the businesses that are attached to their program obtain 90% positive valuations.

Likewise, these courses will help to look for the appropriate titles for each product, both in Spanish and in other languages and will offer direct marketing tools to start selling on the platform.Finally, monitoring competition is another key aspects of marketplaces.Navigator Aliexpress tutors will form in price strategies and the importance of correctly applying customer service to perpetuate the business on their website.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling in Aliexpress for self -employed

Before taking the passage to any marketplace or digital commerce platform, self -employed must make sure that it fits their business model and if it really is profitable for its activity.


In this sense, the most remarkable advantage of this platform is the visibility that Spanish autonomous obtains throughout Europe.Thanks to this marketplace, self -employed workers can sell in 17 European countries (France, Germany, Italy, etc..) Included Russia.

On the other hand, the entrepreneur will set his own return policy so that the buyer will take charge of the shipping costs.Likewise, the platform will make available to self -employed promotions and events that increase the visibility of their business and sales.However, the commercial strategy will always depend on the business owner.

In the event that you are autonomous and already have an online store, Aliexpress offers the possibility of integrating the different platforms that exist (Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, etc.) and even join the inventory of products in other electronic businesses such as Amazon oreBay.


One of the most important disadvantages presented by this platform for self -employed is linked to billing.ALIEXPress issues commercial records every month and does not automatically generate invoices.In addition, the Asian marketplace charges a euro for transferring the balance to the autonomous bank account and does not accept payments through the PayPal service.It should also be taken into account that if the products that upload businesses to the platform are part of their own promotion or aliexpress, they cannot be edited or deleted until said promotion expires.

Finally, certain autonomous infractions within the Marketplace can assume the suspension of the account of seven to 30 days or definitely.The reasons indicated by Aliexpress that can suppose punishment are:

What can self -employed sell in Aliexpress?

What can you sell in Aliexpress

The products that an autonomous or small business can market through Aliexpress are:

However, there are a number of products that require special authorization to sell them in Aliexpress:

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