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El Baúl de la Patty, new second-hand clothing store in Azpilagaña

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Liliana Silva tries to achieve in Pamplona the acceptance that this type of business has in other cities

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El Baúl de la Patty is the new second-hand and semi-new clothing store opened on calle Buenaventura Íñiguez number 16 in the Azpilagaña neighborhood of Pamplona. Liliana Silva Villanueva, who is called Patty, has set up this business, an idea that has been in her head for a few years. “This type of second-hand store works very well in large cities, such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but in Pamplona there are still certain objections despite the economic savings it entails and the benefits for the environment and sustainability”, explains this woman born in Peru, where she studied business, and who has lived in the Navarran capital since 2007.
Liliana Silva comments that the second-hand shops in Pamplona are linked to NGOs or religious communities, such as Remar or Traperos de Emaús. “Mine is a slightly different model. There are people who buy a lot of clothes but then hardly wear them. They are good clothes, in very good condition, that have not become outdated, ”she comments. At the moment she has purchased lots of clothes online, more than 2,000 garments of all kinds, men, women and children, party dresses and sportswear. “Moving forward, my idea is a deposit system similar to what some book stores use. The clothes would be exposed for a few weeks and if they don't sell, the owner has the option of lowering the price or taking them away, ”she explains.
This entrepreneur has chosen this street in Azpilagaña "because it is a very busy area, passing between La Milagrosa and Iturrama". The Comber hardware store was in this location for more than three decades, a family business that she closed a year ago due to retirement. In these first days, Silva has been able to verify the caution of some clients. “Some women sneak in. A girl liked a skirt to turn it into a dress, but she wanted to know if that skirt had been worn by someone from Pamplona. A lady told me that her son lived in London and brought her second-hand clothes. A mother from a large family also came, very elegant, and she took a lot of clothes for her children. There is everything,” she says. And quite a few people interested in emptying the closet also come. "But at the moment I don't accept clothes," she clarifies.
Since she arrived in Pamplona, ​​Liliana Silva has worked as a cook. She is now in El Escondite del Arena. “I'm not going to leave this job because I don't know how the store is going to work. I give myself a year term. I want to hire a person part-time to be able to open morning and afternoon, ”says Ella Silva, married and mother of four children. She explains that her entrepreneurial spirit comes from her grandmother. She “she was illiterate, but she was dedicated to trading bananas and other products. She brought them by boat from Guayaquil to Araquipa and then, riding a donkey, she sold them to the haciendas. In a notebook she kept a kind of accounting with drawings”, she relates.

El Baúl de la Patty, nueva tienda de ropa de segunda mano en Azpilagaña El Baúl de la Patty, nueva tienda de ropa de segunda mano en Azpilagaña

El Baúl de la Patty, nueva tienda de ropa de segunda mano en Azpilagaña

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