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Do not be afraid of 'Vary period', the color of the year of Pantone for 2022

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DecorationLen Pantone Color Institute, the World Color Authority, has declared the 'Vray period' as the official color of the year 2022.Do not be intimidated by this unique tone, because we tell you how to incorporate it into your interiors.

By Pooja Khanna Tyagi

'Vary period', the color of the year 2022 of Pantone, is a unique violet tone that fosters creativity and imagination and is a fusion of a dynamic period period (bígaro) and a vivid violet red subtone.The faithful and reliable blue is mixed with the vivacity of red to create a new and energetic tone.In AD we believe that 'Vary period' has great potential, so don't be afraid to experiment with this daring and fun color.We give you some ideas to instill a fresh, dynamic and cheerful atmosphere at your interiors with the color of the year.

Find the right color palette

One of the most important things before introducing the 'very period' in the colored palette of your houses to find a single color combination.This tone combines wonderfully with white, pink, beige and green.In addition, it offers great value when combined with orange and yellow.Keep in mind that this tone has a different appearance with natural light and can reach a yellowish tone with warm light.

Highlight a wall

Break with the walls in neutral tones and punctuate them of a daring color.If you like the ‘Very peri’, it will inject personality and a dynamic atmosphere your house painting some wall or bedroom wall.Keep in mind that cold colors calm us and a touch of this tone prevents the room from seeking boring.You can opt for plastic paint, wallpaper or texture paint to add depth.


No temas al 'Very Peri', el color del año de Pantone para 2022

If you do not want to commit yourself to this groundbreaking tone, you can use it in the objects and accessories of the room.Introduces this last trend through works of art and decorative accessories: it is a great way to change the appearance of the house.Vullet vases with fresh flowers or plants will give life to interiors.Decorate your bedroom with aromatic candles, appliques of light and mural art in very period tones.

Enter striking furniture

Add a touch of color and accentuate the lounge with striking furniture.You can even introduce this daring tone in the headboard of the bed.This color works as well as solid color as in the form of daring patterns in upholstery materials such as velvet, cotton, linen, jacquard and synthetic skin.It is very similar to the color of the year in 2017, so you can take these ideas of violet decoration and apply them again.

In small doses

If you believe that 'Vary period' can be very much in large doses, you can try this fashion color in a more discreet way: in bedding, sheets, cushions, curtains, carpets or blankets.It is a less permanent way to introduce the pantone color of the year and at the same time introduce some changes in your home.Why not add a touch of color to your table with a 'very period' tablecloth, a sneemed and even paper napkins?Or in the bathroom, taking advantage of changing the towels for some in this color, or the soap pill and, why not, the shower curtain.

A unisex tone for children's rooms

The youngest of the house may also need to be up to date with color trends in their space.You can propose to change the laminate of the cabinets of your teen children for one in this color.Keep in mind that 'Vray period' is a unisex color and is perfect to decorate children's bedrooms.Combine it with neutral tones so that this daring hue is not overwhelming.

In the bathroom

The 'Vary Peri' is an option that can also be used in tile format in the bathroom or in the kitchen.There are numerous varieties of land and wall tiles in the market, with different shapes, sizes, patterns and designs.A touch of color (and easy to clean) never hurts in interior spaces.

Article adapted by Alejandra Manzano via Ad India

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