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How is it done? How is it done? How to make a bag with jeans

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Recycling old jeans can help us complete our most informal look. We are going to make an incredible bag in which to put all our illusions. Those jeans that you keep in the closet in case a miracle happens one day or you travel back in time to the 90s, those jeans that are falling apart, but you have a special affection for them, will have a second chance with this project. In an easy way, it is not necessary to be a master seamstress to do it, and quickly, a few hours will be enough, we will have a useful and original bag ready. Take note of the steps necessary to make a bag with jeans. ¿Cómo se hace? ¿Cómo se hace? Cómo hacer un bolso con unos vaqueros ¿Cómo se hace? ¿Cómo se hace? Cómo hacer un bolso con unos vaqueros

Materials to make a bag with jeans

How to make a bag with jeans

  1. We get to work with the jeans. We will cut the jean on the sides, we will separate the front part from the back part. We will use from this piece of clothing only the upper part, we will cut off the legs.
  2. We open the central seam, from the back to the waistband and repeat the operation on the front. In this case we open it up to the fly. We will center the seam in this way so that it is a straight piece. Right now we have two rectangles.
  3. We sew these pieces, in the front part we sew the pockets that we will not need, although we can leave them if we like. We cut the excess fabric in case we do not have an exact rectangle left.
  4. We will use the fabric from the pant legs to prepare the sides. We cut these pieces following the width that we want to give to the bag. Depending on the use we want to give it, this step will be more or less important.
  5. We sew the sides and the bottom part that will be one more piece of the pants legs. We will have the main pieces of the bag ready. Depending on the size, this bag is ideal for carrying folders or class notes. But it can also be a good ally to go to the beach, the possibilities are enormous.
  6. At this point we have to make the strips that will become the handles. We fold a part of the pants, we want them to be reinforced. We can also let our imagination run wild and make them out of another fabric if we want to spice things up a bit.
  7. We can line the bag or not, if we like it we will leave it that way, otherwise we cut the inner lining and add it.

Customizing this bag is simple with a few brooches or pins, we can give it a very natural look. This type of project will allow you to create something useful and special, thanks to a few simple steps you will transform jeans into a trendy bag.

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¿Cómo se hace? ¿Cómo se hace? Cómo hacer un bolso con unos vaqueros

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