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How to remove dog or cat hair from clothes: Water, bicarbonate of soda and other remedies

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The entry of a pet into a home also implies a commitment and responsibility in the care of the animal. Thus, and at this point, the attention in the hygiene section of the puppy or the pussycat and its environment are decisive for the general well-being of both. Cómo quitar pelos de perro o gato de la ropa: Agua, bicarbonato y otros remedios Cómo quitar pelos de perro o gato de la ropa: Agua, bicarbonato y otros remedios

One of the key points is hair loss and how it can be cleaned from clothes or from different rooms.

Follow these tips below:

1. Daily brushing

It is the best way to catch your hair before the fall or change phase arrives. If you brush your pet every day, you will avoid finding many hairs during the animal's natural shedding periods.

2. Zeal

As with other elements that adhere to tissues. Hair removal on garments such as jackets or sweaters will be easier and more effective if you use a strip of heat or duct tape to drag your pet's hair. The action can be repeated as many times as the heat keeps its glue active.

3.Adhesive roller

Cómo quitar pelos de perro o gato de la ropa: Agua, bicarbonato y otros remedios

Also very useful, and which are available in many stores, are rollers with adhesive tape. As in the previous case, a large amount of hair can be collected with a much simpler system.


A wet cloth or latex gloves with some water can also pick up many hairs from fabrics and porous surfaces. In this case, it is also advisable to make circles with the cloth or gloves to gain effectiveness.

5. Dryer

With a dryer in the cold air position, you can also combat the presence of hair present in dresses or all kinds of accessories. In this situation, it is recommended to carry out the cleaning operation in open spaces so as not to have to pick up the hair again.

6. Dryer

It also becomes a great helper when it comes to removing animal hair. The cold air mode will be used and in just over 15 minutes it can be verified that the garments are clean of hair. If this action is repeated regularly, it is also advisable to review the filters periodically.

7. Baking soda

In places where, due to its configuration, for example in the upholstery of a trunk, the hairs remain despite constant cleaning, it is recommended to opt for baking soda. Its presence kills the static electricity of the hairs, so they will generally detach themselves from the surface easily.

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