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How to remove permanent marker stains | How The Trust Project

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What the permanent marker has is that it is precisely designed so that what we draw and write remains well fixed on the surface used. For this reason, finishing with clothes stained by this painting instrument usually causes shocks and regrets.

But can you remove a permanent marker stain? It is not easy and sometimes the effort will not have been of much use. Much of the success will depend on the type of ink and the fabric. As one of the large marker pen manufacturers acknowledges on one of their products: "There is a very small chance of removing a stain made with the edding V100. However, we cannot say whether the fabric will hold up to the application - it may be damaged."

Despite the apocalyptic diagnosis of the brand, do not get rid of that striped garment just yet. There are some home remedies with which sometimes the miracle of cleaning is achieved.


Cómo quitar manchas de rotulador permanente | Cómo The Trust Project

The textile victim of the permanent marker stain will have many more options to survive, if we try to eliminate it, nothing else is generated. From the Washrocks laundry company they recommend three methods to achieve it:


If the permanent marker stain is dry because it's been on your garment for a while, the experts at Washrocks have a few tricks up their sleeve to win the game:

According to the criteria of

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