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Ideas to decorate a small bedroom and some storage tricks so you don't miss a dressing room

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Without the need to live in a matchbox, the bedrooms do not have, in general, as many meters as the inhabitants of the houses that are built today would like.

Many dream of having a dressing room like the ones in some movies, but, in the end, those who have a built-in wardrobe are in luck. This way you will avoid putting a wardrobe in a place where you have to bring out the best interior designer spirit to optimize scarce space.

There is no single measure for the main room, as it will depend, among other factors, on the size of the home.

In general, the average area of ​​a double room to be functional and comfortable usually ranges between 15 and 18 square meters.


There should fit a two-seater bed, two nightstands, a wardrobe and, if possible, it would be good to allocate a small sector to a reading, work or dressing area.

What is described is what is desirable, but, many times, you have to sharpen your ingenuity to get the best out of the room.

It can be smaller and, depending on personal life, even shared, although bed-sharing is no longer a mandatory practice for couples. There are more and more people who, when there is space and common agreement, decide to rest separately.


Whether alone or accompanied, if there are not enough square meters in your home, try to maintain a clear environment. Living in an orderly space already implies a better use of the rooms.

It is very legitimate to give your imprint to the home to feel that you are at home and not trying to emulate the aesthetics of decoration magazines, up to date on trends, but, many times, depersonalized and interchangeable.

Yours will, in the end, be the responsibility of creating a pleasant atmosphere and, if you are not going to furnish Buckingham Palace, multifunctional furniture with light lines will do you a great favor.


To make the best use of space, avoid, if you can, fall into the trap of taking advantage of every inch. A minimum is needed to be comfortable and a certain storage capacity, but your room is not a museum or a logistics warehouse, so you will see what is essential for you to facilitate that environment.


Without the intention of decorating as for a monastic retreat, in a small room it is better to leave the screens outside the bedroom and bet on the vertical use of space, as well as hanging storage.

If you need to resort to some tricks, remember that a strategically placed mirror helps to optically enlarge the rooms. Another option is to choose floating shelves and, of course, take advantage of the space under the bed.


Beds in small rooms are usually centered on the main wall. You can use canapés with storage or beds with lower drawers, but be careful with the measurements if you are not looking for a gymnastic plinth.

The foot of the bed is usually a wasted area, so if you put a trunk you will have more space to store sheets, duvet covers or clothes from another season.


The idea of ​​order is applicable to bedside tables, which will be better cleared. You can consider the option of replacing them with a dresser on one side of the bed and a floor lamp on the other, as this way you can store clothes that, otherwise, would not fit. Wall-hung drawers are good alternatives for small bedrooms.

If you do not have a space problem, you can place a table with storage capacity. If you have a small bedroom where there are no tables, there are shelves to hang on the wall and when you go to bed you will have a place for your mobile or glasses.


That the room is small does not mean that you can not opt ​​for hanging lamps. See if you prefer a lamp on the ceiling, wall sconces as substitutes for lamps or even hanging lamps on bedside tables, which can also be flown.

Here are some ideas for you to optimize the space in your bedroom and, why not, update the decoration or give a twist to what doesn't quite fit.


This chest of drawers has five drawers and white lacquered aluminum handles. Its measurements are 60 centimeters wide, 110 high and 40 deep. It is perfect for any bedroom and style and with it you won't have to worry about space, since you can store seasonal clothing, underwear, sweaters, accessories or whatever you need.

It is made of high-density chipboard and long-lasting melamine certified by the Spanish Association for Forest Sustainability).

It is available in Canadian oak and matte white colours. It is a piece of furniture that requires assembly and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

You can buy it here for 107.43 euros.


Practical bedroom bed, which includes four large pull-out drawers for extra storage in the lower part.

The measurements are 196 centimeters long, 156 wide and 37 high. The bed base is supported by four metal brackets and is not included in the price. It is made of high-density chipboard material covered with a long-lasting melamine.

You can buy it here for 178.49 euros.


A mirror has the ability to visually expand space, as if by magic, and create the illusion that space is not in short supply.

With this proposal for a shoe cabinet with a mirror, finished in Canadian oak, you can put all your shoes together and organized in a hole in the wall, since it is only 50 centimeters wide by 180 high and 20 deep.

You can buy it here for 114.90 euros.

at the foot of the bed

It is a vinyl rug. Don't you know them? Take a look here to find out everything about them, because they are a wonderful option for the bedroom, but also for the living room, the kitchen or even the bathroom or the terrace. It has the appearance of vintage planks, this rug with its colors gives a feeling of warmth on which you want to rest your feet when you get out of bed. It is from the Vilber house and is made of 15% polyester and 85% PVC. Part of a size of 40 x 78 centimeters.

You can buy it here from 16.30 euros.


You can not only store shoes behind an auxiliary cabinet with a mirror. Another option is to organize all your accessories and pieces of jewelry and cosmetics in this cabinet, which has eight LED lights inside.

It is designed to collect all your valuables neatly and neatly. Lined in soft velvet, the LED lights will turn on automatically when you open the cabinet, so you can easily find what you want, especially in the dark.

It has large storage capacity with 24 necklace hooks, 78 ring slots, 36 earring slots, 108 earring holes and a U-shaped bracelet bar with three compartments. There are also two lower drawers and four lined shelves for additional storage. .

Decide if you want it fixed to the wall with screws, hung with hooks above the door or placed on legs anywhere so you can make the most of your space.

You can buy it here for 95.99 euros.


If you need a full-length mirror to see yourself and you don't want it to be associated with another piece of furniture, there is also the option of placing a simple one in a corner of the bedroom.

This standing mirror is made of pickled wood in a natural colour. Its measurements are 37 x 157 centimeters and it is ideal for creating a dressing room-type space in your bedroom. It is adjustable in height and does not need assembly.

You can buy it here for 49.95 euros.


On the sides of the bed you can place tables or not. If you do, you can put them on legs, with storage capacity with drawers or, simply, flown, with the space savings and visual relief that this entails. that can be mounted on the wall is ideal for furnishing your bedroom. With its practical design it offers space for magazines, books, and other objects. It is matte white in color and has the capacity to hold up to 15 kilos.

You can buy it here for 51.99 euros.


Vintage-style hexagonal shelf, which combines natural wood and metal and makes the shelf ideal for any environment. The bookcase comes fully assembled so you only have to install it with two hooks on the back.

It is made up of four shelves and facilitates the storage of everyday items that you need to have quick access to or, simply, those that you do not want to be without because they are relevant personal items for you.

You can buy it here for 39.68 euros.


Take advantage of the space at the foot of the bed with this storage chest and chair. It has a capacity of 120 liters and supports a maximum load of 300 kilos, in dimensions of 110 x 38 x 38 centimeters.

It is used to store toys, pillows, blankets, clothes or whatever you want and is also valid as a seat for two people, since it is made with a solid steel structure, which does not affect comfort at all, since the upper part is padded with a PVC material. The lid can also be folded to remove or place objects without removing it completely.

You can buy it here for 58.99 euros.


If you like the industrial style, another very practical auxiliary furniture option is this bench for storing shoes, with a padded seat made of a material that imitates leather on the top and a mesh shelf on the bottom.

Its black iron frame and rustic wood details give it a special charm. But it's not just about aesthetics, because it has a hidden compartment under the seat. The shoe rack fits both in the hallway and in the bedroom.

You can buy it here for 101.99 euros.


There are several options for which you can opt for the sides of the bed. Here you have a wooden floor lamp, fabric lampshade and three color temperatures, two USB charging ports and shelves. Who gives more? Not only does it serve as a bedside table and a lamp, but you can recharge your mobile devices and it also has shelves to store things.

It has a 9W LED bulb, which helps save energy, with a useful life that can reach 3,000 hours. The bulb has three color temperatures with which it can give more or less light intensity, depending on whether it is used as a lighting, reading or ambient lamp.

The poles of the lamp are made of solid wood, which is supposed to be a stable and durable structure. The fabric lampshade can emit soft light to create a warm and comfortable environment.

You can buy it here for 83.99 euros.


Lighting plays a basic role in rooms. Not only because it has a practical purpose, but because it creates environments, depending on the type of light used and where it is placed, and because it also decorates.

If you do not have much space, it may be a good idea to opt for wall lights, on the tables or wherever you want. There are some with sober lines and very discreet, but here we present one with more arms and legs to give a casual touch to the home.

You can buy it here for 22.99 euros.


If you lower this ceiling lamp with a sufficient length of cable to the bedside table, you will have light, without occupying an area that, perhaps, you prefer to leave clear or reserve for other objects other than the typical nightlight.

It has a retro industrial shade, is available in black and white and is sold individually so if you want a pair you would need to buy two to illuminate each bedside table.

You can buy it here for 38.99 euros.


Having a dressing room is complicated nowadays, but that does not mean that we have to be fighting every day to find a hole in that bursting drawer. Organization is key, so here are some ideas to maximize the space of drawers and cabinets.


This is Amazon's best-selling blanket and comforter organizer, and it's heavily discounted now. It is the best time to get it, so that we have the bases to have everything ready for next summer by removing the blankets to keep them free of dust. Meanwhile, we can place the beach towels.

Buy it here at a price of 18.99 euros.


With accessories, it usually happens that we leave them hanging on racks and in the end we only use one bag, the daily one. With this small investment we will keep all the models collected and at hand, from party clutches to small backpacks.

Buy it here for 14.29 euros


Scarves, belts, scarves, jewelry, underwear... All those small clothes and accessories that end up at the bottom of a drawer for years can be placed and seen much better with these space organizers. You can also take them to other drawers, such as the one in the bathroom for PVC cosmetics.

Buy them here at a price of 18.68 euros (with a 7% discount).


One of the worst drawers is that of intimate garments, since the panties or thongs are very small and the bras, depending on how they are placed, can deform your cups or damage the rings. With this set you will have everything impeccable in sight. You can also use it for socks.

Buy it here at a price of 13.99 euros.

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